Fiona Bruce

Conservative MP for Congleton, Chair of the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission

Conservative MP for Congleton, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group

Raising Duty, Reducing Harm

The Chancellor spring's Budget presents a chance to call time on the ability to buy a can of cider for cheaper than a bottle of water.
08/03/2017 12:07 GMT

International Human Rights Day: Religious Rights Are Human Rights

The outgoing UN Special Rapporteur believes there is a "lack of awareness" around the world about the importance of freedom of religion or belief, and that the full scope of this basic human right is "often underestimated". On this International Human Rights Day it is time to change that.
09/12/2016 17:04 GMT

The Shocking Impact Of Alcohol On The Emergency Services

The UK's relationship with alcohol is not without consequence. Excessive drinking places an enormous burden on our emergency services - including the police, fire, ambulance and accident and emergency - with the wider financial impact of responding to alcohol-related emergencies alongside the very human effect on the people who work in these critical areas. This is especially pertinent at a time such as this, as the Christmas season approaches.
06/12/2016 12:00 GMT

Improving Life Chances Means Strengthening Family Stability

If we want to fully realise yet another pledge in the Queen's Speech 'to work to bring communities together and strengthen society,' then as the party of Government we have an opportunity - and an urgent duty - to help families build strong and happy homes for the benefit of themselves, their children, and society as a whole.
23/05/2016 12:04 BST

The Missing Ingredient in Tackling the Obesity Crisis

Excessive alcohol consumption and obesity are two of the most important public health challenges facing our NHS today. There can be no doubt that obesity and alcohol misuse can cause misery to individuals and their families, and their combined costs to the NHS are an eye-watering £22billion each year.
14/04/2016 15:07 BST

Setting the Record Straight on Sunday trading

The fundamental point about Sunday trading and the economy is that more hours do not equal more sales. All that happens when trading hours increase is that the sales get spread from smaller to larger stores, and across more hours.
19/02/2016 15:45 GMT

Yemen: A Nation of Children the Hashtags Forgot

A lack of profile sadly does not mean a lack of problems and as the war trundles on, attempts to distribute aid are severely hampered by fighting, damaged ports, closed airports, blocked humanitarian corridors and a country-wide lack of fuel. The figures speak for themselves and behind every one of these statistics is a human tragedy.
14/02/2016 20:18 GMT