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Francesca Cambridge Mallen

Lead Campaigner for Let Clothes Be Clothes

Lead Campaigner for Let Clothes Be Clothes.

Allies of Let Toys Be Toys, we're calling on retailers in the UK to stop selling clothing as for girls, or for boys.

Children should be free to wear clothing in their favourite styles, colours and themes without designs and marketing based on exploitative gender stereotypes.

Back To School Shoes: When Will Clarks Learn To Let Kids Be Kids?

They provide that choice to cater for the individuality of our children's feet, yet use targeted marketing to pitch specific products to girls or boys not based on their need, but on a very specific set of stereotypes. After all, what has sex or gender really got to do with school shoes, why have two ranges at all?
23/08/2016 13:45 BST

Sexism Aimed at Children: Why Its Time to Let Clothes Be Clothes

Before she could read, my child had a strong sense of gender based on the same stereotypes we encountered on the high street, from clothing and toys, to cards and pull-ups. Whatever stereotypes our society is guilty of, they are reinforced exponentially by a consumer culture that puts all its faith in gender marketing.
09/03/2016 08:16 GMT