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Frank Brehany

Independent Consumer Campaigner & Commentator

Frank's working life has been wide as it is varied! His core skills of investigation, customer service and a diverse legal career have been enhanced by developing an on-line business for 14 years as a Managing & Consumer Director of a National Consumer Organisation. Through these roles he has provided and continues to provide engagement with political campaigning and presenting as spokesman within the press and on National Radio and Television; he maintains an active role in the Media. He is a self-funded Solicitor, maintaining his legal training and holding a current practice certificate. He has a good working knowledge of Consumer issues both on a practical and political level. He has developed argument and policy and presented these to political structures around the world. He meets with and negotiates the Consumer position with Civil Servants and Politicians both in the UK, The European Union and around the Globe. He is a strong advocate for Consumers who are faced with Corporations who seek to deliver poor service or who fail them on important health & safety issues. This advocacy is consistent with his early working life when as a police officer he helped victims of crime; this consistency reveals a theme of a dedication to Justice and a solid belief on Fairness, Human Rights and the Right to a Fair Hearing. Frank enjoys travel and has visited many unique parts of the world. Frank speaks French and has a working knowledge of Spanish
My Five 'Must-See' Outings In

My Five 'Must-See' Outings In Bordeaux

Finding the right destination for that mid-week or weekend getaway can prove to be more difficult than you imagine. Do you head off to the usual hotspots of say Barcelona or Amsterdam, each with their own unique attractions, or do you fancy a trip that doesn't require you to join in with the selfie-stick hurdles?
25/10/2017 13:29 BST
The Wildfires Of

The Wildfires Of Tourism

For several years, local people throughout Majorca have been protesting about the lack of attention the authorities have paid to these very real problems, made even more difficult by a major influx of tourists whose choice of destinations have been limited by acts of terror.
14/08/2017 13:55 BST
The 'New Normal' In

The 'New Normal' In Travel

Whilst our governments need to explain what is happening and build operational resilience, we as consumers need to play our part and understand why security is important, embrace those security requirements, always making sure our 'documentation' is in order, but importantly, allowing ourselves more time to get to the airport so that we can navigate security without adding to the stress of travel!
10/08/2017 13:25 BST
The Joy Of

The Joy Of Travel!

I have spent the last few weeks travelling in Europe, principally in Italy. I have seen many wonders to refresh the soul, but as you travel through popular Cities and Resorts, you cannot escape the throng that is now modern day tourism. Each day, resorts are awash with the daily influx of holidaymakers, eager it seems to tick off that sight or experience from their bucket list.
28/07/2017 14:29 BST
Essential Preparations For Your

Essential Preparations For Your Holiday!

There are 5 principal areas which I think are absolutely essential to get right. They are often reduced to last minute purchases, which may not deliver the quality or safety you or your family deserve. Here are my top 5 holiday-prep essentials:
19/06/2017 16:43 BST
Brexitwatch For Travel - Watch Your Health

Brexitwatch For Travel - Watch Your Health Rights!

Personal experience will answer that question! Last year my wife & I were travelling in France, when she became very seriously ill. In the middle of the night I had to rush her to the emergency department of the local hospital, whereupon she was seen immediately by the doctors on duty.
04/05/2017 14:03 BST
How To Book Best Price Airline

How To Book Best Price Airline Tickets!

This 'golden' digital age exposes consumers to a plethora of articles and commentary, which 'offer' advices on how to get the best from booking an airline ticket or how to get that low price for your journey. Some of those consumer advices and simple Internet searches will provide a mind-boggling return of search results, backed by the gloss of dynamic websites
15/02/2017 10:51 GMT
How To Avoid The Top Five Mistakes When Booking Holidays Or

How To Avoid The Top Five Mistakes When Booking Holidays Or Travel!

We all lead busy lives and in doing so, we sometimes make simple mistakes in our daily transactions, which can cost us in time and money. When it comes to travel, holiday makers commit some simple errors which not only affects their pockets but can have an effect on their planned getaway.
23/01/2017 12:05 GMT
My Top Six Holiday Destinations For

My Top Six Holiday Destinations For 2017!

Meeting people for business or family this last Christmas told me that many people are not just fed up, but also quite concerned about travelling. I can understand how they feel, if you measure what has happened in many destinations; you could be forgiven for having second thoughts about booking that getaway.
16/01/2017 12:28 GMT
How To Have That Wonderful Time In

How To Have That Wonderful Time In Lapland

Sadly, each year we receive complaints from parents who have been severely disappointed by the failure of the promise provided by the 'real' Father Christmas brochure. We have heard of holidaymakers experiencing a rushed 'day' trip, with little of what was promised or indeed having to deal with children's disappointment at not seeing Father Christmas, to serious injuries as a result of tobogganing or other activities!
09/12/2016 16:44 GMT
My Top Five And Ten Tips For A Great 2017

My Top Five And Ten Tips For A Great 2017 Getaway!

Since 2015, UK consumers have been faced with one travel crisis after another or other problems and so I have decided to put together my five and 10 point plan to help you book that great trip away in 2017!
30/11/2016 10:48 GMT
The Beginning Of The End Of Travel Consumer

The Beginning Of The End Of Travel Consumer Rights?

There is no doubt in my mind; we are reaching that critical junction when all Consumer Rights are now under real threat - the question is, who will defend those Travel Consumer Rights in this brave new world?
22/09/2016 11:27 BST