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Frankie Leach

Writing about Politics in the North West.

Working and studying Politics in the North West. Specialising in modern British Labour history.

Laura Pidcock Is Right, The Tories Are The Enemy

Pidcock's comments caused widespread outrage, particularly with the more moderate figures within the Labour Party. But why? Why is it so shocking and surprising that a socialist trade unionist would be opposed to befriending Conservatives?
29/08/2017 15:32 BST

Jeremy Corbyn's Best Moments

Whatever your thoughts on Jeremy Corbyn, his campaign has gone from strength to strength during this election. Whether it's about grime music or his appearances on question time, Corbyn has got the whole country talking. A man who once was only regarded as a rebel back-bencher, has quickly become one of the most popular (and unpopular) politicians in British history.
07/06/2017 09:20 BST

Why British Politics Needs #Grime4Corbyn

#Grime4Corbyn has revitalized a generation of non voters and we can only hope that the movement continues long after the result of the general election...
30/05/2017 12:23 BST

Universities Must Listen To The Voices Of Working Class Students

With pioneering reports such as 'Educating All' and the work done by students unions across the country, it is clear that there is an urgent need for change for working class students and young people in the UK. Charities like RECLAIM are refusing to ignore the problems faced by working-class young people and are paving the way for like-minded organisations across the country to combat class division in all its forms.
02/02/2017 13:49 GMT

Male Contraceptives - Do We Trust Them?

The way men reacted to even the side effects of contraception, makes me very skeptical that they would handle the enormous pressure that comes with taking regular contraception. I would love to live in an ideal world where men could be trusted to take contraceptives, but as far as this entire study has shown, I don't think we're anywhere near ready.
01/11/2016 18:00 GMT

Why Do Women Not Want To Be Feminists?

Ladies. There is no better time to throw away your brazillian wax strips, wonderbra and copy of the daily mail. In fact better still. Set your wonderbra on fire. You know you want to. I, the women of the world, and your lighter are waiting...
23/06/2016 11:13 BST

Racist? Me? Course Not!

As a 19-year-old, white, middle class student, you wouldn't think that racism would really top my personal list of issues I have within the student politics movement. But that couldn't be further from the truth...
12/04/2016 12:11 BST