Gabrielle Leimon

Published author and penniless poet.

Gabrielle Leimon is an aspiring writer and poet currently locked away in an attempt to finish her first novel by the end of the year. Though this seems like an impossible task she seems optimistic at the prospect. Having completed her degree in English Literature and Creative Writing she is currently trying to put this education to good use.

Let's Get Frank About Feminism

Okay, so the 'F' word has been culturally very prominent in 2017 and I think it's time to have a quick chat about it. I say this because when we discuss feminism, there is still a heavy backlash.
16/03/2017 12:26 GMT

How To Support A Depressed Lover

It's up to the individual as to whether they want to seek therapy or medication but around that, there are little things that you can definitely do to help someone with depression. From my experience, and from the help of my wonderful partner, here are some things you could do to help a depressed lover.
22/02/2017 16:01 GMT

Shona Sibary, I Have Someone You Should Meet...

My point is that dogs are living things and not some hot commodity. They form an attachment to you and I have seen first hand the heartbreak they endure at being left behind. They cannot comprehend why you left them and it stays with them for life.
01/09/2015 11:32 BST

How to Cope With a Job You Hate

Consider a full turn around. Work in your loathed job for as long as you can stick it and quit. Then go work abroad and completely change your surroundings. I know that this option isn't always affordable or possible for people, but changing your surroundings may be the therapeutic change that you need.
03/06/2015 11:33 BST

Things to Consider Before Bringing a Pet Home

Christmas is now officially just around the corner. As we roll through into December it's important to remind people of the troubles of giving animals as gifts. Every year people give animals, typically kittens and puppies, as gifts to their loved ones...
02/12/2014 10:46 GMT

Thoughts from 512 Hours, the Marina Abramović Exhibition

The event had something interesting to say about obedience. If we all went in, no one taking part or listening to direction from Marina or the gallery assistants, nothing would happen. It relied on participation or obedience.
25/08/2014 14:28 BST

Farewell to Robin Williams: Why Do We Get So Sad When a Celebrity Dies?

I was sad when I saw the news of the death of Robin Williams. He seemed like one of those actors that would be around forever. You couldn't really imagine him dying. We took his presence for granted as if it would always be there. As soon as I found out of his death I, like thousands of others across the world, shared my sadness on social media.
14/08/2014 16:39 BST

Utterly Bewitching: The Crucible, The Old Vic Review

Yesterday I headed out to the theatre to see the wonderful Richard Armitage take on the audience at The Old Vic in an atmospheric and ambitious performance of Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible' on a balmy Wednesday afternoon to celebrate my anniversary.
24/07/2014 18:17 BST

Love Your Self(ie): The Positive Rise of Selfie Culture

Ever since getting my iPhone and experimenting with apps like Snapchat and Instagram, I found myself taking more selfies and viewing myself in this way more regularly. It made me really look at myself and assess the aspects of my face and, in time, I realised that I actually really like the way that I look not just in the strategically angled and well lit photos that we take of ourselves.
15/07/2014 17:02 BST

Things You'll Miss About Student Life

You now wander past costume shops and realise that events nowadays rarely require costumes for no good reason... At this post-graduate stage of your life having at least three bottle openers in any given handbag is seen as excessive rather than handy... You're a grown up now.
10/07/2014 12:36 BST

Gig Etiquette: How Not to Be a F**king A**hole at Live Events

You want to be at the front of the gig? Good. Get to the venue early and queue up like everyone else. Don't wait until the gig has started and then push your way through the crowd to the front - especially if you end up hurting people, knocking them over and splitting up people who want to be able to enjoy the gig together.
14/04/2014 17:13 BST

How Stephen King's 'Carrie' Made Me Find My Own Power

I sat down at the front of the bus and began reading. I'd learned that sitting near the bus driver minimised the bullying rather than sitting further back, in the middle of a crowd of people. I was instantly captured by the narrative style, using fictional newspaper clippings, letters, articles.
06/04/2014 14:20 BST

How to Take a Good Author Photo

Your work is being published and you are over the moon. The work being published has been created so all the hard work is over, right? WRONG!
12/03/2014 12:30 GMT

How to Protect Pets During UK Floods

The RSPCA have even made reports of cats being lifted up and carried off by the wind. Cats and small dogs could easily be carried away by rushing streams caused by flooding. Here are some ways to help provide for and protect pets in your area.
10/02/2014 13:27 GMT

A Friendly Reminder to Everyone About the People Who Serve You Every Day

I've processed everything through the till as I was trained to do. I counted the change out twice. It is absolutely unknown to me what this man seems to be having a problem with and yet he decides to stand there, a heaving queue behind him, and mocks me for a further five minutes in a moment that was truly overwhelming. It's only my first day.
21/01/2014 13:01 GMT

Silver Linings Search

So throughout 2014 I'm doing something called the "silver lining search" challenge where each day I'll think of nice things I've enjoyed. Let's call this an exercise in positive thinking. Maybe it'll be a story someone tells me, a book I love or a picture I take.
31/12/2013 10:36 GMT

The B425 List: An Alternative to New Year's Resolutions

I'm 21 now, 22 in a matter of weeks, and I've already started on ticking things off of my list. I'm so glad to have all these goals. What started as a mere exercise in positive thinking is something that is going to continue steering me towards happiness and rich experiences.
30/12/2013 15:19 GMT

Living With Mental Health Issues at Christmas

They're there throughout the year and we often don't know they're there. They are battles beneath skin. They live in those we love. They sometimes live within us. There are times and situations in which they can become amplified to an almost intolerable point. I am referring to mental health issues.
23/12/2013 11:36 GMT

Writing Exercises That May Help You to Become More Creative

Writing should be a labour, but a labour of love. You should at least enjoy some degree of your writing so here are some quick exercises that may help you to become more creative. Find your writing space, wear whatever you're most comfortable in
19/12/2013 10:53 GMT