Gary Kent

Secretary All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Kurdistan Region in Iraq

Gary Kent has worked in Parliament since 1987 and has visited Kurdistan and Iraq 27 times since 2006. He is a member of Chatham House.
Managing Media Monsters And

Managing Media Monsters And Brexit

Politicians must ensure the media cover their news and views but it is a taxing task, as we saw last week with two flawed initiatives. Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn released his annual tax returns as part of a campaign to expose tax avoidance and evasion, which costs billions in lost revenues.
14/03/2017 17:13 GMT
Can The UK Survive Brexit In One

Can The UK Survive Brexit In One Piece?

"Northern" and "Ireland" together are often seen as the most boring words in English. Completely unfairly given Northern Ireland's natural beauty and hospitality. But the shock results of their recent elections are far from dull. They could presage profound change in Northern Ireland, Ireland, and the UK in the chaotic age of Brexit.
06/03/2017 14:59 GMT
The Living Hell of Kurdish Yezedi

The Living Hell of Kurdish Yezedi Women

Runak is a Kurdish Yezidi and one of 5,000 women and children enslaved by Daesh. Her husband was taken, presumed dead. Her eldest son was abducted, probably to a Daesh training camp. Her eight-year old son was held for months and returned, probably after sexual abuse.
19/02/2016 13:12 GMT
Shakespeare and Soft

Shakespeare and Soft Power

The debate on Britain joining airstrikes against Daesh in Syria generated more heat than light with an exaggerated focus on their impact, for better or worse. The Ministry of Defence website records just one missile strike in Syria over Christmas. This skewed debate also overlooks the contribution of British soft power to defeating Daesh. Airstrikes and Shakespeare.
07/01/2016 10:44 GMT
The Case for British Military Action in Iraq and

The Case for British Military Action in Iraq and Syria

Britain should help defend Kurds in Iraq and Syria, for instance, and undermine Daesh ahead of a comprehensive solution in Syria, whose nightmare has persisted for four years and may well continue. Britain should not hide its head in the sand by failing to play a fuller part in defeating the menace of Daesh, and bolstering the Kurdistan Region.
09/11/2015 11:29 GMT
Jeremy Corbyn and Foreign Policy: The Boy in the

Jeremy Corbyn and Foreign Policy: The Boy in the Bubble

Such radical thinking on domestic and foreign policy highlights the gap between Corbyn and mainstream social democracy, a big plus for his followers, who are fed up with centrist politics. Every generation challenges received wisdom.
23/08/2015 20:41 BST
Jeremy Corbyn and the

Jeremy Corbyn and the Kurds

If Corbyn wins, he will surely be asked as the Leader of the Opposition to support further arming the KRG and persuading Baghdad to stop sabotaging the Kurdish economy.
31/07/2015 10:35 BST
Can and Should Iraq Stay

Can and Should Iraq Stay Together?

The possibility of Iraqi Kurdistan achieving independence should not stop British ministers sending the artillery, tanks, helicopters, and heavy machine guns the Kurds desperately need to fight Isis - for all our sakes.
18/02/2015 10:36 GMT
Blunt Parliamentary Report Sharpens Debate on Defeating

Blunt Parliamentary Report Sharpens Debate on Defeating Daish

A blunt and bleak report from the Defence select committee, headed by Rory Stewart MP, has thrown an intellectual hand grenade into British discussion about the dangers of Daish, whose innovative barbarity has been amplified by the immolation of a Jordanian pilot.
05/02/2015 15:09 GMT
Highs and Lows in the Anglo-Kurdish

Highs and Lows in the Anglo-Kurdish Relationship

The FAC report and Boris in Erbil are substantial gains for the burgeoning Anglo-Kurdish relationship, which is greatly assisted by a growing global realisation that the Kurds are a vital ally. On balance, last week in Westminster was good for the Kurds and their friends, and made much sweeter by the defeat of Daish in Kobane.
29/01/2015 12:36 GMT
British Parliamentary Committee Breaks Historic Taboo on Kurdish

British Parliamentary Committee Breaks Historic Taboo on Kurdish Independence

The stark starting point of the influential and bipartisan Foreign Affairs Committee's long-awaited report on the Kurdistan Region is that the future of Iraq as a nation state is in question as never before. It judges that the clock is ticking on whether Iraq can be stitched back into a functioning whole.
23/01/2015 10:15 GMT
Kebabs, Kurds and

Kebabs, Kurds and Charb

Charlie Hebdo, described by the former far-right French leader Le Pen as "anarcho-Trotskist" and by itself as "irreverent," is not everyone's cup of chai in lambasting all religions and authority but ignore it if you don't like it or sue it if it breaks the law, and that does not and should not include mocking belief systems.
14/01/2015 13:48 GMT