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Gates Cambridge Scholars

Gates Cambridge Scholars are intellectually outstanding postgraduate students with a capacity for leadership and a commitment to improving the lives of others.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships were established by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with a $210 million endowment to enable outstanding graduate students from all around the world to study at the University of Cambridge.
How Improvisation Can Help You at Work and

How Improvisation Can Help You at Work and Home

The first step in improvising is to closely observe the environment and to absorb cues that help us in solving the problem. In short, 'Stop living in the future and be present in the present'. But how do we go about this?
16/02/2016 09:44 GMT
The dark side of

The dark side of love

To an ancient Greek, images of Eros - Cupid's Greek counterpart - would cause consternation as well, though for different reasons. Far from being the vaguely mischievous angel that we know from numberless ranks of greeting cards, he was actually a hostile and demonic force.
15/02/2016 10:39 GMT
Could Changes in Our Diet Have Made Childbirth More

Could Changes in Our Diet Have Made Childbirth More Risky?

Many of the strides that have been made in maternal health in the last decade have, indeed, involved increasing access to medical care. The next decades may also see us applying evolutionary science to address the intricate underpinnings of maternal health, yielding a safer birth for all.
27/01/2016 14:16 GMT
Women Fight Terror Through

Women Fight Terror Through Education

Ideas are what cause nations to collapse or rejuvenate. It is ideas and ideology that help people to overcome the barriers in front of them. But ideas need good leadership to spread them effectively. Over history, we have seen how ideas can change people's thinking and endure throughout time, being handed down from one generation to another.
18/12/2015 15:36 GMT
Rethinking Online Feminist

Rethinking Online Feminist Action

To combat everyday sexism, we need to raise awareness and change social attitudes so behaviours become socially unacceptable and people are held accountable for their interactions online.
07/12/2015 12:42 GMT
Health Risks of Large

Health Risks of Large Families

We need further and stronger evidence on the role that lifestyle factors such as diet and depression might play in risk of CHD. From what we know from this research, though, it is clear that women need to bear in mind the health risks that may result from having large families.
05/10/2015 10:27 BST
Lack of Science Knowledge Hampers

Lack of Science Knowledge Hampers Policymaking

We call for government to require politicians and civil servants to engage with researchers. Open and permanent programmes to bridge the gap between scientific research and policy should be hallmarks of every government.
22/09/2015 10:35 BST
How a Boy With a Clock Becomes a

How a Boy With a Clock Becomes a Terrorist

Ahmed's story has shed some light onto a culture of Islamophobia that goes far beyond a boy and his clock. Whether or not we have the courage to take the story further remains to be seen.
21/09/2015 12:47 BST
An Astounding Defeat for Public

An Astounding Defeat for Public Health

At the very least, there is a significant proportion of US doctors who use these guidelines in everyday practice. Although the evidence so far has supported the widespread use of statins to reduce CVDs, I would only re-emphasise the importance of caution in the US and elsewhere: statins eligibility is not a closed case just yet and it may take some time before we fully understand how statins can be best prescribed.
30/07/2015 10:16 BST
A New Age of Amphibian

A New Age of Amphibian Conservation

Over a third of all amphibians are threatened with extinction, compared to approximately 25% of mammals and 14% of birds. What is more amazing still is the rate of discovery, with new species regularly being found and described, and potentially thousands more to be added to global amphibian lists.
22/06/2015 12:33 BST