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Gates Cambridge Scholars

Gates Cambridge Scholars are intellectually outstanding postgraduate students with a capacity for leadership and a commitment to improving the lives of others.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships were established by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with a $210 million endowment to enable outstanding graduate students from all around the world to study at the University of Cambridge.
Gay Rights Are About More Than

Gay Rights Are About More Than Marriage

On the 23rd of May, Ireland announced that by a popular vote, gays and lesbians would be allowed to marry. Crowds in Ireland and around the world cheered this progressive accomplishment, a victory for gay rights and democracy. Op-eds instantly appeared in major news outlets emphasising how Catholic Ireland is, and presumably, how surprising it is that Irish people would vote for marriage. But how much of a victory is the referendum? And how surprising is the outcome?
04/06/2015 11:21 BST
Facing Up to Global

Facing Up to Global Challenges

Great leaders know how to listen. They are humble enough to learn from failures of their own and champion the lighthouse success of others. They act because their moral compass knows only that direction. And they build impact by igniting action.
29/05/2015 12:58 BST

Migrant Overboard

Anything short of a permanent, comprehensive, fact-based and human-rights driven set of solutions regarding both legal and undocumented immigration to the EU, embedded in a profound overhaul of the EU's relations with its poorer neighbours, will fail to stop the migrants from spending all their savings, putting their lives at risk, and eventually dying at sea.
27/05/2015 10:47 BST
India's Daughter and the Importance of

India's Daughter and the Importance of Context

<em>India's Daughter</em>, Leslie Udwin's recent and controversial documentary, honed in on the infamous Delhi gang rape of 2012, which has become a highly provocative and sensitive issue in India...
27/04/2015 10:12 BST
The Downside of Moves Towards Gay

The Downside of Moves Towards Gay Equality

With gay victimisation 'solved', little thought and energy goes into the ways sexual and gender minorities continue to be victimised, or the ways those harms disproportionately fall on the most marginal groups.
13/04/2015 11:13 BST
What makes good

What makes good chocolate?

When it comes to chocolate there's something to please nearly everyone: from the milk chocolate Easter rabbit to the dairy-free vegan bar. With such an abundance of choice, the hunt for good chocolate is really an exercise of intellectual and gastronomical exploration.
02/04/2015 15:16 BST
Man's Best

Man's Best Friend?

While it may seem clear that pets are sometimes a profoundly positive influence on the lives of their owners, people vary enormously in terms of the quality of their relationships, human and animal alike, and the benefits derived from them.
27/03/2015 15:35 GMT
Meeting Global Food Demand Through Gene

Meeting Global Food Demand Through Gene Transfer

Transfer of C4 photosynthesis into important C3 crops could yield considerable gains by boosting world food supply at a time when agricultural production is predicted to drop beneath global demands.
05/03/2015 10:23 GMT
Seven Lessons in

Seven Lessons in Mentorship

There are no magic solutions when it comes to thriving in the face of doubt and difficulty, but building on a mentor's wisdom and experience can be a great place to start.
24/02/2015 11:17 GMT
Tax Justice Is a Matter of Power, Not

Tax Justice Is a Matter of Power, Not Ethics

Tax avoidance and evasion can thus be tackled only if corporate and individual wealth taxes are reformed in tandem. And here we are at the crux of the matter: taxes are only as just as the economic and social systems they finance.
11/02/2015 10:47 GMT
Prisoners and Full-time

Prisoners and Full-time Students

What does a criminologist do in her free time? Teach statistics in a prison, of course! You're teaching ... prison guards? No, I'm teaching inmates. What?! But... isn't that dangerous? Are their guards with you in the classroom? Do you feel safe? These are often the first questions people ask me when I tell them...
04/02/2015 11:10 GMT
On Faith and

On Faith and Secularism

Perhaps the poor do have more to gain from faith then the middle classes, and religion for all its good and bad will not give way to secularism in Africa.
21/01/2015 13:35 GMT
Pakistan Finally Wakes Up to the Taliban

Pakistan Finally Wakes Up to the Taliban Threat

Though I cannot speak for all us, many of us have been rendered, albeit unwillingly, apathetic to the attacks on humanity suffered in Pakistan because of their frequency. This was the weak argument we were using up until now as we slumbered on in a chaotic world. But there's a time for all of us when we awaken and that wakefulness of our conscience is a blessing in itself that must be grasped, nurtured and fed - and I believe Pakistan has suddenly awakened. Finally. Thankfully...
22/12/2014 12:50 GMT
Moving Forward After Ferguson and Staten

Moving Forward After Ferguson and Staten Island

Let's focus on finding some solutions that can move us forward. If we cannot do this, we will have no choice but to dig deeper into our ideological trenches, if only to make room for more bodies.
10/12/2014 20:12 GMT
A Generational Contract of

A Generational Contract of Design

The debate over the 21st Century national agenda to reinvigorate America provides the chance to change how policymakers and citizens alike think about local infrastructure projects and welfare policies - an opportunity to connect generational policy to multigenerational design.
21/11/2014 13:05 GMT
Diplomats in

Diplomats in Robes

New York federal courts have rattled nerves around the globe with recent decisions that impact far beyond US borders. Last month, an Eastern District jury verdict found a Jordanian bank responsible for terrorist financing.
04/11/2014 13:56 GMT
Why Kenya's Public Transport System Is Fighting Cashless

Why Kenya's Public Transport System Is Fighting Cashless Payment

Kenya's public transport system is different from the mobile financial services sector. Cashless payments threaten existing profit structures. Matatu owners usually contract their vehicles to a crew who retain the day's income after paying a fixed vehicle rent. Transport cards instead bypass the crew and payments directly reach the vehicle owner. The owner can then reverse the roles and pay the crew a salary while keeping the profits.
31/10/2014 11:01 GMT