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Gates Cambridge Scholars

Gates Cambridge Scholars are intellectually outstanding postgraduate students with a capacity for leadership and a commitment to improving the lives of others.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships were established by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with a $210 million endowment to enable outstanding graduate students from all around the world to study at the University of Cambridge.
Will India and Japan Forge a New

Will India and Japan Forge a New Asia?

If this is the dawn of Bose's New Asia, the willingness of leaders to learn from the past may play a key role in shaping the course of the future.
10/10/2014 15:26 BST
Obesity Crisis Is Not Just a Lifestyle

Obesity Crisis Is Not Just a Lifestyle Issue

Carrying extra pounds has many health consequences which create a heavy burden on the individual as well as their families and society more broadly. So, there is indeed a great need to raise public awareness about the importance of keeping a healthy weight and how governments and care providers can support people in doing so.
21/08/2014 15:49 BST
The Need for an Afghan Voice in

The Need for an Afghan Voice in Reform

The Western World is aware that international assistance is required to help rebuild less developed countries... Unfortunately, there is a lack of awareness of what it takes to make these systems work in the different cultural settings. This is especially the case with Afghanistan, which is years behind in progress due to 35 years of conflict.
12/08/2014 14:36 BST

Embryonic Knowledge

The Embryo Project, directed by Jane Maienschein and Manfred Laubichler, brings together researchers from a variety of disciplines who look at the history, science and various issues surrounding the growing fields of embryology, development and reproductive medicine.
17/07/2014 12:23 BST
When Impact Is More Important Than

When Impact Is More Important Than Invention

Sometimes commercial viability of biomedical inventions or therapeutics exists only in developed countries, even though minor product optimisations could increase access to life-saving medical care in resource-limited settings through cost reduction and functionality additions.
07/07/2014 16:42 BST
Redefining Rare

Redefining Rare Disease

Perhaps no other rare disease has been as oversimplified as toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. When a pregnant woman acquires this parasite for the first time during pregnancy, it can be transmitted to her foetus congenitally. ..
30/06/2014 14:55 BST
The Public and Private Isaac

The Public and Private Isaac Newton

Would Newton be horrified to know that his most private thoughts are now accessible to anyone online? Probably. But he had himself taken care to save these papers throughout his long life. He believed that the day would come when his version of Christianity would be revealed to the masses as the true religion...
23/06/2014 11:39 BST
Obesity in

Obesity in Africa

A better understanding of obesity within sub-Saharan populations will be important for the design and implementation of public healthcare policy and population prevention programmes in an effort to address the growing burden of cardiometabolic diseases.
18/06/2014 11:51 BST
Evolution Doesn't Make Life

Evolution Doesn't Make Life Meaningless

Recognising the role of evolution and having a meaningful life are not mutually exclusive, and learning about the origins of our species should not strip modern people of our sense of meaning and significance, wherever we derive it from. At the very least, it should make us thankful that nature and evolution have instilled us with brains that let us even contemplate meaning at all.
27/05/2014 15:14 BST
The Multiple Challenges for Global Food

The Multiple Challenges for Global Food Security

Professor Gilligan was speaking on Global Food Security at a Gates Conversation earlier this week. The session was part of a new series of academic conversations that allow Gates Cambridge Scholars to interact with leading thinkers on major issues spanning a variety of disciplines.
01/05/2014 13:42 BST
How Technology Is Transforming

How Technology Is Transforming Opera

As both a tool and a topic, technology wields great influence on the arts, and opera is no exception. Operas that engage with technology- as an innovative performance method, a subject to explore, or both - have the potential to attract young, wired audiences.
17/04/2014 15:05 BST
The Urgent Need for Affordable Treatment for Sleeping

The Urgent Need for Affordable Treatment for Sleeping Sickness

Evolutionary analysis combined with proteomics enables us to pick up proteins that are present in trypanosomes and are essential for their survival, but are not present in mammals. They can therefore be a powerful way of uncovering and elucidating potential parasite-specific drug targets.
09/04/2014 13:26 BST
Conservation Is Necessary for Food

Conservation Is Necessary for Food Security

Given that humanity needs both food security and forests, how do we address these two seemingly conflicting needs? A first step is to recognise that the dichotomy between conserving forests and achieving food security is a false one.
27/03/2014 12:15 GMT
Breast Cancer Business

Breast Cancer Business Challenge

My team is happy to be developing Radial Genomics Ltd. As a biochemist, I have never stopped learning and growing since this team, which includes finance, law, engineering, and medical specialties, came together.
06/03/2014 12:30 GMT
A Golden Age of

A Golden Age of Satire

With modern epidemics, the metaphor has shifted to a viral spread as a means of quantifying the 24-hour news cycle and the proliferation of information on the internet. But in both eras, new media are met with a breed of satire, which in its propensity to be taken as fact, exposes the excesses of said media. And so, at the very least, we can thank Rupert Murdoch for another golden age of satire.
27/02/2014 16:00 GMT
A Global

A Global Battlefield

Lest we forget, this year marks the 100th anniversary of the war that shaped the 20th century. The first of three world wars (two hot and one cold), this conflict is remembered once a year as a lesson in human suffering, as a reminder that the war to end all wars was only the beginning of the human cost of the past century.
20/02/2014 14:44 GMT