Gemma Bailey

A successful, qualified NLP trainer and Hypnotherapist who enjoys helping children with emotional challenges.

Gemma is an Qualified NLP trainer and hypnotherapist
Calming A Child With

Calming A Child With ADHD

ADHD is made up of two key challenging disorders. Attention deficit and hyperactivity. Both of these disorders can exist without the other, meaning that someone can have attention deficit without being hyperactive or they can be hyperactive without attention deficit.
08/05/2017 11:56 BST
Resolving Friendship Problems In The

Resolving Friendship Problems In The Classroom

This attitude from the adults forced the children to get creative and formulate their own solutions to resolve their friendship problems. This was not only more empowering for the children, but it also provided them with the opportunity to build their own resources to deal effectively with similar problems on their own in the future.
04/04/2017 13:44 BST
Creating Motivation To Change Into

Creating Motivation To Change Into Teenagers

I sometimes look at this little dude, not even 11 months old but with the greatest zest for life I've ever known in any human being, and feel his enthusiasm smashing me in the face and screaming at me to start enjoying myself more.
10/03/2017 15:15 GMT
Overcoming School

Overcoming School Anxiety

Typically (though not always) school anxiety occurs after a transition. That transition could be from nursery to primary school, from primary to secondary school (most common) or after a change of schools as a result of a change of circumstances (such as moving house to a new area for example).
06/02/2017 15:45 GMT
The Imprint

The Imprint Period

It is stated by child psychologists that between the ages of 3 years and 11 years is an imprint period. This means that childhood experiences between these ages are likely to have an impact on who that child becomes, how they feel, behave and represent the world to themselves in later life.
19/01/2017 12:36 GMT
Increasing Self-Respect And

Increasing Self-Respect And Self-Belief

This means that small tensions can easily escalate and in school this takes away from precious teaching time. The impact this has on their longer term attainment is that they may be unable to meet their full potential and can at times hold back other pupils in the class with the distractions they create.
13/12/2016 13:21 GMT
When You Don't Deal With

When You Don't Deal With Anger...

I have to say, I do not know how technically true it is (though it makes a great deal of sense if it were true) that toddlers who do not have their tempers attended to appropriately end up having temper tantrums as teenagers, and if they still do not have those tantrums addressed as teenagers...
02/12/2016 12:38 GMT
Getting Well

Getting Well Soon

People who have been incredibly unwell have been able to get themselves totally and completely better. It's your body and you are in charge of it. Sometimes it takes some unusual ways to remind ourselves of that but it is completely possible that you can do it.
23/11/2016 12:31 GMT
The Art Of Good

The Art Of Good Listening

So good listening can enhance the feeling of rapport. Knowing how to respond and gauging the mood of the person you have been listening to will maintain the rapport, and help the talker to realise you have been listening.
23/11/2016 11:24 GMT
Help Your Child Improve Their

Help Your Child Improve Their Concentration

Struggling to concentrate is a problem that most people face in their lifetime. Lack of concentration in children is so common, as a child it is harder to focus as your imagination is constantly on the go and unfortunately sometimes, what's going on in a child's mind will be far more interesting than trying to learn their 7 x tables!
16/11/2016 12:55 GMT
Adopting Older

Adopting Older Children

As the family or parent of that young person, the most important thing is that you do, and feel completely self assured that you are doing your absolute best to be fair and inclusive. That you are patient and give them the time to learn your ways and to feel comfortable with you.
08/11/2016 13:07 GMT
Why We Are So Bad At

Why We Are So Bad At Maths

Unless we proposition everyday maths skills in a way that appeals to the learners current circumstances or desires, we will always assume that they should simply engage, instead of enticing them into the subject with an irresistible proposition.
05/10/2016 12:05 BST
The Van Gogh In Every

The Van Gogh In Every Child

For those who are less academic and more creative, a keen interest and ability in art can offer them a much needed acknowledgement. It can give them praise that they might have otherwise bypassed and can therefore boost self-esteem for those who thought that they were all but hopeless.
28/09/2016 10:34 BST