Gemma Johnson

Go-to media spokesperson regarding family finance, business consultant & Mother of 3

Gemma is the go-to media spokesperson regarding family finance with recent media credits that include ITV Daybreak, BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio Five Live, The Independent, The Observer, Woman’s Own and many more.

Gemma has also been a guest speaker at the Baby Show and Women Outside the Box, the first female festival of entrepreneurship and for the Government’s agency Love Food Hate Waste. Gemma’s accolades include winner of the WOW Woman in Finance 2010, and Mum Entrepreneur of the Year 2009.

Portugal And Wales The First Two Stops On Our Digital Detox Adventure Map

A spring detox is just what the doctored ordered. Time to for us all to emerge from Winter hibernation into carving out space and time to recharge our batteries, ready for the Summer. Summer, a time when moods lighten, our social lives increase (in my case, my children's social lives go off the scale) and the work days get that just that little bit longer.
27/04/2016 16:12 BST

The Unplugged Child - An Endangered Species

So many wildlife conservation campaigns out there trying to protect the worlds beautiful creatures from death via poaching and natural habitat destruction yet as a society, many of us overlook the importance of protecting our young (the digital natives) from growing up without the truly amazing experience of a care-free childhood, one steeped in nature, adventure, curiosity and the odd bump and graze here and there.
19/08/2015 09:44 BST

Are Parents Lazy Giving Kids iPads or Are They Moving With the Times?

Technology isn't the enemy and should be viewed as simply a tool, it has huge plus points and the key I believe, is to understand the impact it can have in the mid to long term and build a plan on how you as a parent want technology to fit in with your family values and family unit.
07/08/2015 10:53 BST

Tech Overuse Injuries in Children - What Every Parent Needs to Know!

We absolutely, shouldn't be treating technology as the enemy as it's here to stay but we should be encouraging and adopting healthy digital habits ourselves so that we can 'show and tell' our children, leading by example to avoid the 'but you do it' witty retorts.
29/06/2015 12:27 BST