George Iordanou

PhD Candidate in Political Theory at the University of Warwick

George Iordanou is a Doctoral Researcher in Political Theory at the University of Warwick and the recipient of a full scholarship by the Economic and Social Research Council. His research focuses on political theories of multicultural citizenship and their application to non-Western contexts. To this end, he has conducted fieldwork in Cyprus, funded by two scholarships by the Leventis Foundation.

Prior to Warwick, George completed an MSc in Political Theory at the London School of Economic and a BSc (First) in Politics and International Relations at the University of Southampton, where he was awarded the Peter G. Richards Bursary for the best Undergraduate Dissertation.

You can find him on twitter @iordanou and on his blog at

Etiquette for Commentators on Greece

Should people who live outside of Greece express strong opinions on whether Greece should stay or exit the eurozone? I, for one, feel that I am not entitled to express such strong opinions. Having a strong opinion, of course, is one thing. Expressing it, is another. I object to the second, and this is why in all my encounters and discussions about Greece, I apologetically provide caveats of my privileged position in this debate.
23/07/2015 11:37 BST

Is It Time to Rethink the Banning of Books?

Five months before his airport arrest, Andreas Pierides, a Cypriot student at the University of Southampton's Business School, was photographed by a fellow train passenger reading the <em>Anarchist Cookbook</em> on his kindle...
26/08/2014 16:05 BST

Eating to Death and Bad Arguments Against Paying for NHS Treatment; Or, Injustice Shapes Our Behaviour

Surely you must know the adverse effects of bad diet and no exercise. Why should the taxpayer pay for what is, ultimately, the exercise of your freedom of choice? This is the question that Jeremy Paxman asked the former NHS chief Sir David Nicholson, when Nicholson went to Newsnight to describe his transition from being the head of the NHS to becoming yet another NHS patient with diabetes.
26/02/2014 13:08 GMT

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt: A Brief Review

The story is about a young boy who lost his mother during a terrorist attack in a New York museum. 'The Goldfinch' is a painting stolen from the museum by the thirteen year old boy who survived the attack. The painting becomes the secret that gives meaning to his life and  the axis around which the story unfolds.
09/11/2013 20:47 GMT

Get the Armed Forces Away From Universities

Surprisingly, there is very little criticism of the presence of the armed forces in the universities. Hidden under the cloak of heroism and necessity, the military, navy and air force are beyond scrutiny.
27/10/2013 23:49 GMT