Georgina Allen

Passionate about ensuring good animal welfare is a priority for all animals within our care

Georgina is passionate about animals and animal welfare. She is experienced in integrated animal welfare campaigns/projects on an international & national level, and is committed to driving forward innovative campaigns that deliver sustained solutions for animal welfare. She specialises in captive wildlife and works on a wide range of issues, including the welfare of animals in zoos. She gained a degree in zoology and a Masters in wild animal biology, and has undertaken scientific research, training and investigation on animal welfare issues, bridging the gap between the mainstream welfare and zoo communities.

Can We Talk About Animal Emotions Now?

Clarity on what animal welfare actually means to the animal and comprising both positive physical and psychological requirements into definitions and consequent measures are essential to bypass vague and ambiguous guidelines.
10/05/2016 16:12 BST

Japan's Notorious Bear Parks

By working directly with the parks, setting standards and legislation and growing capacity for Japanese supporters to support the end of these parks, we can collectively encourage a positive long term solution for the bears in these distressing parks.
29/07/2015 10:26 BST

Three Reasons Why Zoos Need to be More Compassionate

Zoos carry out conservation, they rescue animals, they educate people and delight millions of visitors a year. But a vast number of zoos are also responsible for immense cruelty, open the door to illegally sourced wildlife and capture wild animals for our pleasure. Is keeping of animals in captivity the ultimate oxymoron animal welfare?
11/02/2015 15:15 GMT

5 Reasons Why Zoo Animals in Malaysia Need Our Help

It will take concerted effort and continued effective education, cooperation, training and support to meet these new regulatory standards and give all captive wild animals in Malaysia a better chance at a happier and healthier life.
10/02/2015 12:05 GMT

A Visitor's Perspective on Tourism and Animal Welfare in Myanmar

Often innocently visited by tourists because they love animals, few know the often real brutality that can goes on breaking in and managing elephants (meant for the tourist industry) so that they can be ridden or handled, a concerning issue documented in other S-E Asian countries.
28/01/2015 14:24 GMT

The Non-Human Rights Movement Is Exciting, But We Must Tread Carefully

I genuinely believe applying personhood protection to non-human animals is a wonderful concept, which I support wholeheartedly if it continues to drive forward better welfare practices and respect for animals in general. The downfall will be if it only mediates a short-term change to a few individual animals.
05/01/2015 10:37 GMT

Overcoming Our Differences to Tackle Poor Animal Welfare in Zoos

There is enough political, cultural and organisational inertia already in the world acting as a barrier to improved animal welfare, and by working collaboratively on more mutually agreed projects, we can start to overcome these problems and really make a difference.
10/12/2014 19:05 GMT