Geraldine Blake

CEO, Community Links

Learning From Local - We Need a New Economic Model

The common link here is the joint action between local government and social organisations focused on the neighbourhood or town or city. It's about growing solutions from the ground up, and trusting that together, we can build a better world.
12/12/2014 09:56 GMT

Autumn Statement: We Need a Social Security System That Invests in People

While within Westminster the debate continues to go round and round, here in Newham the urgency for Government action is clear. Tomorrow, the Chancellor should start to reframe social security as a long-term investment rather than a bill in which to find politically easy yet socially damaging short-term.
02/12/2014 14:08 GMT

Waking Up to Reality on Welfare Reform

The fact that the most ambitious welfare reforms since 1945 are struggling to achieve their policy objectives should concern anyone who cares about building a better society. We need a more nuanced and supportive approach to reforming welfare - one which takes into account the variety of individuals circumstances and capabilities
02/04/2014 17:13 BST