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Giles Cadman

Founder and chairman of Cadman Capital Group

Giles is the founder and Chairman of the Cadman Capital Group, and a BVI licensed investment manager who advises the Group on alternative assets and venture capital for sustainable projects.

Giles‘ career was inspired at an early age by his parents’ entrepreneurial spirit, love of business and discipline, and he quickly learned and applied their hardworking approach with success in marketing, IT, imports and offshore trading structures.

Giles also learned about wine investment, primarily through his love of wine and business interests, and consulted for companies wishing to enter the sector before setting up his own Group in 2000.

The Cadman Capital Group, which today comprises 28 companies in five countries, operates in trade, retail, leisure, property and investment markets. The Group has an aggressive growth strategy and aims to add a new business every year to its portfolio.

Giles is also passionate about the environment and conservation, and in 2004 the Group acquired Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries (CSF); a biologically neutral farming concept aimed at growing lobsters on land by fishing co-operatives. CSF’s mission is to preserve a traditional way of life within the Caribbean and provide spiny lobsters to a growing market.

As a successful entrepreneur committed to innovation and sustainability, Giles works to inspire the next generation of sustainable entrepreneurs and to build businesses that make a positive impact as well as profit

Helping The BVI In Times Of Need

The British Virgin Islands have been absolutely devastated in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Almost all houses have been destroyed, there is no food, no water and no electricity. Right now, it's crucial that people, especially children, stuck in the BVI get off the islands for the sake of health, safety, and security. Sadly, the location is currently unlivable... My severe disappointment in the UK Government's response to this disaster was only overcome by the extreme altruism and genuine concern for human life and dignity that I've witnessed from all those who care about the BVI and the people in it.
15/09/2017 16:17 BST