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Grace Fodor

Founder of Studio10 Beauty, Pro Ageing Activist

Founder of innovative, cult new makeup brand STUDIO | 10 taking UK by storm and described by India Knight, Sunday Times Style, as 'genius'. My ethos is about supporting other women to look, feel and achieve their very best, at any age!
Resilience - The Midster's Super

Resilience - The Midster's Super Power?

You're in the ladies afterward and two women walk in - one of who is the CEO of the company you just pitched. "It was ok - well researched", one says. "Yes", agrees the other, "but I'm still set on the other team. I can see she knows her stuff, I just feel more comfortable with someone younger and fresher being in charge." You didn't get the account.
07/09/2017 15:51 BST
Why Can't You See What I

Why Can't You See What I Do?

Because it's the truth. I, like everyone else you meet, don't see what you do in the mirror. You focus in on that one thing you dislike and think will make such a difference. I see your great skin, I see your quick humour in the lines around your eyes.
14/07/2017 14:44 BST
What Older Women Really Bring To The

What Older Women Really Bring To The Workforce

If a woman at 45 fears ageism, how should one at 65 feel? We all know that whilst compulsory retirement is no longer legal, there are other ways to undercut and undervalue a member of staff who is perceived to have outlived their purpose.
06/06/2017 12:09 BST
Too Old For Zara? How Dare

Too Old For Zara? How Dare You!

I love fashion. It might be considered a frippery to many but it's part of my identity, my passion and my time. Fashion matters and can make a real difference not only to how you look, but how you feel.
03/04/2017 12:40 BST
Have A Truly Merry Christmas: New Ways To Manage Stress During The

Have A Truly Merry Christmas: New Ways To Manage Stress During The Holidays

These stress levels are extremely familiar to me. I've lost track of the number of Christmases lost worrying about work in between cooking for the starving masses, wrapping presents, keeping everyone happy and ensuring everything looked picture-book-perfect for the stream of 'perfect family' essential insta-snap.
19/12/2016 14:29 GMT
My Career, My Face, My

My Career, My Face, My Choice

Who decides when I'm too old? No-one, so mind your own business! Would you ever have surgery to hide how old you were, possibly to keep your job? Despite working in the beauty industry, it had never occurred to me that I might be judged on my abilities and effectiveness in doing my job based on my age.
04/07/2016 11:58 BST
Screw Beauty

Screw Beauty Rules

As a makeup brand owner aimed at women 35 plus, I know our beauty needs change as we age, and so should our makeup in terms of ingredients, textures and shades that work better for maturing women.
06/05/2016 12:08 BST
How to Face Failure Like a

How to Face Failure Like a Queen

It doesn't matter who you are, or where you are from, there is one common experience in life we all share. We will at some point face a feeling of failure. It might be losing a job, getting divorced, failing an exam or falling out with a friend but at one time or another we all have to face disappointment and find a way to recover from it.
02/12/2015 14:21 GMT
The Rise and Rise of the

The Rise and Rise of the Nevertoolate-preneur

I absolutely believe that the years both pre and post 50 are less now about the age of invisibility and more the time women step into their brilliance, free of so many of the anxieties that beset younger women.
27/10/2015 12:30 GMT