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Grant Feller

Writer, Editor, Media Consultant

I’m a media executive who has spent more than two decades at the top of his profession. I’ve now started my own business inspired, rather bizarrely, by Hollywood actor and director Ben Affleck whose recent award-winning speeches had the theme of living a ‘Second Act’. It’s never too late, he said, to reinvent yourself. Well here's another 40-something, bruised, bewildered and spurned by Jennifer Lopez, looking to star in his Second Act. And win an Oscar.

It took redundancy – and the naïve wisdom of children – to make me realise that all that’s holding us back is the fear of doing something different. I ought to be more afraid than ever but really I feel liberated. And inspired.

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The Unspoken - And Unthinking - Sexism In The Media Business

Good writing is good writing regardless of gender. And yes that is true. Except one can't help wondering why all the brilliant female writers working on the Sunday Times are in the Style and Magazine sections (which are both edited by women). Is that where they're 'meant' to be?
16/10/2017 17:34 BST

The Media's Role In Our Gambling Epidemic

The media - print, advertising, marketing - has an enormous role to play in reporting how gambling affects the fabric of society and real people's lives. But it must do so in a transparent way and look to itself if it wants to uncover the truth, rather than just attack digital media.
10/10/2017 17:12 BST

Why I Know The Grenfell Tower Disaster Could Have Been Prevented

Electric wiring open to the elements, broken fire extinguishers, insecure fire doors, lifts out of order, a lack of lighting that made crime more likely. Angry, exasperated and bewildered residents pleaded with me - me! - to help them do something about it because they knew that things were on a knife-edge unless more funds weren't spent on health and safety.
23/06/2017 16:08 BST

Why I'm Pleased The Internet Is Radicalising People

Instead of complaining about the insidious nature of digitised life, the media needs to learn how better to utilise it and connect with youth. For instance, as a newspaper addict I consume most national publications every day and can count on one hand the number of serious commentators under the age of 40.
20/06/2017 11:33 BST

George Osborne As Editor Is A Scandal

First, the good news. George Osborne will make a fine editor of the Evening Standard. He's supremely well connected, intelligent, has a wide array of interests, will bring in great guest columnists and is supported by a brilliant team of journalists. As a former executive on the paper, I can safely say that this last point is true.
20/03/2017 11:58 GMT

This Is The 'Truth' About The Notting Hill Carnival

This is the 'hidden' agenda that lies behind the race to knock Carnival off the streets on which it was born and into some soulless central London park. Another nail in the coffin for the capital city's rich tapestry of working class and immigrant-led heritage. Let them eat plantains, just not on my newly-painted doorstep.
25/01/2017 12:59 GMT

Brexit Showed Why Trump Could Win

I've read thousands of words about why Donald Trump won't be President. Surely, he can't. Really, he mustn't. Honestly, he shouldn't. But the intellect of these highly paid and pleading columnists is nowhere near as revealing as the extraordinary conversation I heard the other day in one of New York's most exclusive areas.
27/07/2016 13:02 BST

Peston's Mistake: Don't Fall For Your Own Hype

Robert Peston is a Number Two. A quite brilliant Number Two, one of the best in the business. The sort of Number Two everyone wants by their side because he makes their job easier and them look better. But he's still a Number Two. Which is why his much-anticipated transfer to ITV will be a disaster.
08/10/2015 15:36 BST

Why Facebook Users May Prefer to Hate Than Like

Hate, dislike, sadness, vociferous difference of opinion - these are the ties that bind. And within a media environment in which people don't actually meet or talk to each other in person, where anonymity, or at least a physical distance, is a powerful tool, they may well become surprisingly robust ties.
21/09/2015 13:29 BST

Not All Us Men Are Emotionally Constipated

Men, in general, just don't seem to be able to handle emotional crises. There's a reason we have the phrase Agony Aunt - the wonderful Graham Norton being the notable exception. It's because women want to engage, understand and help, men want to ignore, deflect and hasten on to the next thing. Move along now, nothing to see here...
03/08/2015 23:10 BST

Elitism: The Curse of The British Summer

When I was growing up I wanted to be the American tennis champion Jimmy Connors. To be honest, I wanted to be sweary, stroppy, petulant John McEnroe (which I kind of was anyway) but my mum preferred his more charming, coiffured rival so Jimmy it was.
13/07/2015 10:07 BST

I Want to Grow Grumpy Not Happy

Happiness is the preserve of the young, the unburdened, the naïve and those blissfully unaware of the dark realities of life. In my final couple of decades, I want to see and shout about the world as it really is, railing against the injustices all around me.
30/04/2015 09:40 BST

The Key to Winning This Election Will Be to Fake Authenticity

Instead of telling that story, Miliband wants to pretend to be someone else. Someone 'more' normal. Yet he doesn't have the wherewithal to fake it. Crucially - and he hasn't realised this yet - he doesn't have the need to, either. His real persona is a more trustworthy vote-winner than his fake one.
20/03/2015 13:50 GMT

Attack HSBC for Tax Evasion - But Not the Clients Who Accept Their Cash

Oborne is right that HSBC's behaviour in helping clients avoid tax was shameful (if not illegal) but he's wrong that the Telegraph's response was just as shameful or immoral. If you're a cynic like me, you might view it as not terribly unusual. And you might wonder how interested the newspaper's readers will be once the story has died down.
09/03/2015 15:17 GMT