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The leading magazine on environmental solutions and sustainable futures

Green Futures is the leading magazine on environmental solutions and sustainable futures. Founded by Jonathon Porritt in 1996, it is published by Forum for the Future.

Every issue is packed full of stories, comment and insight on topics ranging from clean energy and smart design, to food and finance in a changing world.

Our readership includes key decision-makers and opinion-formers in business, government, education and the media, including leading CEOs, all UK MPs and MEPs. Our global reach is growing through online syndication deals with websites in the US such as Grist and, and print publications such as India’s Sustainability Tomorrow, China's ECOnomy and Brazil’s Ideia Sustentavel.
Carbon Reduction: Not Just a Long-Term

Carbon Reduction: Not Just a Long-Term Solution

While mainstream acceptance of climate change and its risks - both immediate and long-term - is growing, there's a sluggishness on the part of brands to fund scalable solutions that I, personally, put down partly to a lack of imagination.
11/11/2014 10:40 GMT
Don't Call Me

Don't Call Me 'Millenial'

So here we are, the millennial generation. Those that had our first snog, beer, or fag as the world quaked in the shadow of the millennium bug...
23/10/2014 11:52 BST
Sustainable Schools Project Boosts Exam

Sustainable Schools Project Boosts Exam Results

Learning spaces, for instance, cannot stay stuck in the old rigid mould where rows of desks face the teacher and blackboard. There's no greater enemy of sustainability than obsolescence.
03/09/2014 11:44 BST
On Jellyfish and Listening to the

On Jellyfish and Listening to the Futures

As atmospheric carbon levels reach seemingly implacable heights, the degree to which sustainable solutions must be implemented follows suit. And yet, little headway has been made on this critical issue, at least according to recent forecasts from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which released its Fifth Assessment Report earlier this year.
18/07/2014 13:50 BST
Re-Programming the Mind for Greener

Re-Programming the Mind for Greener Living

How can we intervene in this process to create moments of change? We might consider two ways of promoting habit formation within such 'moments'. First, we are all attuned to the environment around us and there is clear evidence that getting the 'choice architecture' right is critical.
30/04/2014 12:48 BST
The Fashion Industry Is Gearing Up for a System-Wide

The Fashion Industry Is Gearing Up for a System-Wide Shift

Fashion is one of the world's most important industries. It is worth around $1.5 trillion a year, employs more than 25 million people, and fashion-conscious or not, we all wear its products. Yet most of us know very little about where our clothes come from or how they are put together.
23/04/2014 09:44 BST

Value Added

Can a motor manufacturer make a difference to millions of lives? That is the goal of Jaguar Land Rover, which set an ambitious target to improve health, reduce poverty and create new opportunities for employment and education for 12 million people around the world by the end of this decade.
24/03/2014 15:06 GMT
Renewables: The Opportunity for

Renewables: The Opportunity for Communities

Greg Barker, the Conservative energy and climate minister, has championed the idea that more of our energy should be decentralised and low-carbon. With "sufficient financial rigour, affordable expansion [of local energy schemes] is achievable", he says.
18/02/2014 11:14 GMT
Renewables Could Make Farms Financially

Renewables Could Make Farms Financially Viable

Clean energy generation offers a tremendous opportunity: "In some cases, additional income from renewables may be the only way for the next generation to make a farm financially viable."
16/02/2014 22:19 GMT
Informal Networks Provide Essential Services in

Informal Networks Provide Essential Services in Cities

In cities across the world, people are coming together in informal networks to deliver services in waste collection, water supply and community welfare that officials fail to deliver. It's time to recognise their value, says Ben Goldfarb.
14/02/2014 14:56 GMT
The Rise of the Energy

The Rise of the Energy Citizens

Marion is FD of the Oxford Bus Company (OBC), and the asset in question is a roof over its main depot. It might be doing a good job keeping the buses dry, but Marion reckoned it could work harder. Vast, sprawling and - crucially - south-facing, it struck him as the ideal site for a massive photovoltaic (PV) plant
14/02/2014 14:19 GMT
India's Train Odyssey for

India's Train Odyssey for Entrepreneurs

There is considerable potential for social enterprises in India to foster change, but the problem has always been for such projects to sustain themselves commercially. This is compounded by a cultural hesitation to discuss money matters...
14/02/2014 11:03 GMT
We Still Need Precaution, Says

We Still Need Precaution, Says Poritt

The CEOs of the world's biggest chemical and agribusiness companies recently petitioned the Presidents of the EU Commission, Parliament and Council to downgrade the Precautionary Principle and focus instead on a new 'Innovation Principle'. On what grounds? That taking an excessively precautionary approach to policy-making and regulation is holding Europe back in the cut-throat world of global competitiveness.
19/11/2013 15:30 GMT

"All Bets Are Off for Brazil's Future", Says Porritt

Social unrest and greater scrutiny of former President Lula's legacy mean all bets are off as far as the future of Brazil in concerned, says Jonathon Porritt, Founder-Director of Forum for the Future.
04/10/2013 21:30 BST