Habiba Khanom


Habiba is a BBC journalist and a mental health campaigner

Why It's Important To Talk To 'Quiet' Colleagues

We can get so preoccupied with work itself and forget about some of the colleagues around us and how they could be feeling. Work will always be there but your colleagues might not. So, why not start a conversation today?
10/10/2017 11:43 BST

Fighting My Eating Disorder In Ramadan

For those of us who also come from a past of binging and purging, this can be a very overwhelming time. It is inevitable to be ravenous after 18 hours of not eating or drinking anything, so when it is time to eat, even non-eating disorder sufferers can end up binging. It's what our bodies do. After months of trying to stop this behaviour, do I want to revert back to it?
26/05/2017 13:03 BST

How To Manage Strong Emotions And Impulsivity

Rather than reacting impulsively with unhelpful consequences, we can CHOOSE a more helpful and positive response. I like to walk away, get out of the situation, because staying will not calm me down. Getting away and doing something else can make me calm down.
09/05/2017 11:25 BST

Anorexia: A Letter From My Body

I wish this was a positive letter but I'm afraid it isn't. I'm going to have to be blunt with you. You made most of my 23 years of life a misery. You denied me food, the most important source of energy. You made me sit through hunger pangs for hours, even days.
14/02/2017 12:13 GMT

World Mental Health Day 2016: BPD And Me

Living with BPD is so hard - you will not understand how hard it is unless you have it yourself. The behaviours are only a reaction of what we fear the most - that have already happened to us before. For me, not feeling like I got enough love as a child, being used, being bullied, feeling left out - are all combination of things why it is hard for me to form healthy and stable relationships in adulthood.
10/10/2016 13:30 BST

Why Am I So Open About My Mental Illness?

A lot of people tell me that I am "brave" for being so open about my mental health problems. But one of the reasons why I am open is because I don't want "brave" to be a connotation for opening up mental illness anymore. I want people to talk about their issues without being scared of people's reaction.
24/06/2016 08:38 BST

Social Anxiety No Longer Controls Me

As I am writing this now, I couldn't be more confident. I never thought I'd arrive at this stage because all my life, I suffered with crippling social anxiety. To overcome it, was something I'd always wished for but never thought I'd be able to. I am surprised that recently, people tell me that I seem bubbly and perky. That was never me in the past.
16/05/2016 13:57 BST

Having a Mental Illness Does Not Make Me a Criminal

There have always been misconceptions of mental health sufferers as being scary, violent and "crazy". Of course, that is what the stereotype of mental illness is. No wonder why people are so afraid to get help. If you have met the people I have met in psychiatric hospitals, you'd see that they are not even near that. They are often gentle, friendly and amazingly intelligent people.
25/03/2016 16:57 GMT

Battling an Eating Disorder in the Workplace

I am sitting at my desk in the newsroom, watching my colleagues working, preparing for their next report. They seem to be full of energy and not a care in the world about whether they should eat or not or how they look like. Why can't I be like them? I ask myself...
25/02/2016 16:40 GMT

I Always Feel Invisible

Of all the therapists I have seen, all the psychiatrists who have treated me (or at least tried to) trying to find out the cause of my eating disorder, one word is always at the forefront. Invisible. Ever since I could remember, I have felt invisible to people. 'Felt' is an understatement. I <strong>am </strong>invisible. Or at least that's what it seems like to me...
08/12/2015 12:08 GMT

Why You Shouldn't Give Up on Someone With Mental Health Problems

If you are a friend or a loved one of someone with a mental health condition, you would know that it is not easy. You may have tried many times to help them but you seem to be failing each time. As worried as you are for them, you feel frustrated and hopeless. You may feel you cannot deal with them. So you give up and attempt to cut all ties and leave them. If you are friend or a loved one with a mental health condition reading this now, please do not give up on them.
01/10/2015 11:11 BST

Struggling With an Eating Disorder During Ramadan

I want to fast. I really do. However, I am ashamed to admit that I don't want to fast for God. I am not there yet. I still want to fast to lose weight. I want to fast because everyone else would be fasting and that makes me feel triggered.
29/05/2015 18:40 BST

'Ana' Is Not My Friend

Many of us with eating disorders, like to personify the illness as a separate person or voice. 'Ana' for Anorexia and 'Mia' for Bulimia. Don't get me wrong; Ana is definitely not a 'friend' even though the internal voice I hear says otherwise. Personifying my eating disorder is definitely something that I found rather useful in my road to recovery.
20/05/2015 11:37 BST