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Hannah Bardell

SNP MP for Livingston

SNP MP for Livingston
Coming Out As A

Coming Out As A Politician

Ultimately, it was standing for election and becoming a politician that tipped the balance for me. I realised that I could not, in all conscience, be an authentic politician if I wasn't honest with myself about who I really was. However, coming out also nearly stopped me from standing for election. I was simply terrified what would befall me if I had to come out publicly. I grossly underestimated how far LGBT rights and perceptions of LGBT people had come.
01/09/2017 13:24 BST
Gender Equality in Politics and

Gender Equality in Politics and Business

On International Women's Day, I'm calling for businesses across the nations of the United Kingdom to think and act on diversity and equality, if not now then when? Should be their mantra - it can only be good for business.
08/03/2016 17:35 GMT