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Freelance book critic and feature writer at The Observer, FT Weekend Magazine and The Sunday Express. Second novel, 'If Only I Could Tell You' published by Orion Feb 2019. Regular chair at literary festivals and book events.

The Best Children's Picture Books Spring 2017

It's been another bumper crop of children's books this spring, ranging from inspiring and informative non-fiction titles to storybooks filled with wonder, humour and important life lessons for little ones. Here are twenty of the best this season.
12/04/2017 12:54 BST

The Best Children's Picture Books Spring 2016

It's been another stellar start to the year for children's picture books. Here are twenty of the best that would made great additions to the bookshelf of any child, school or library.
23/05/2016 11:12 BST

The Best Children's Non-Fiction Books Autumn 2015

Publishing is now teeming with inspiring and exquisitely illustrated non-fiction books for children too. Each of the books below offers something unique to the children's book market - and they'd all be welcome additions to a child's bookcase, school library... or Christmas stocking.
19/10/2015 20:24 BST

The Best Children's Picture Books Autumn 2015

We're in a golden age for children's books: this autumn sees such a wealth of brilliant titles that I've had to separate fiction from non-fiction (non-fiction highlights coming next week). Below are books that will make your child laugh, think, feel and be inspired - what more could we ask for?
07/10/2015 17:51 BST

Interview With Novelist Emylia Hall

Emylia Hall is the author of three novels including Richard and Judy Book Club pick in 2012. Her new novel, The Sea Between Us, is a story of boy meets girl amidst a Cornish landscape full of surf, art and love.
26/08/2015 22:20 BST

The Best Children's Picture Books Summer 2015

Poppy Pickle's imagination tends to get her into trouble with her parents. But no more so than when her imaginations begin to come to life. There's bags of humour both in the words and the illustrations for little ones to revel in here.
12/06/2015 17:07 BST

Interview with Patrick Gale

Patrick Gale is the author seventeen novels, including the bestselling Notes from an Exhibition. His new novel, A Place Called Winter, is a sweeping historical epic set in the Canadian prairies that has been described as 'EM Forster meets Brokeback Mountain'.
25/03/2015 20:56 GMT

The Best Children's Picture Books Spring 2015

Last year was a stellar year for picture books and 2015 is already shaping up to include many future classics. Here are this season's titles that should be on every child's bookshelf.
13/03/2015 17:28 GMT

A Year in the Life of a Debut Novelist

It's been a year of gratifying highs and occasional lows. But what the past year has mostly consisted of is surprises: unexpected lessons on what life as a published author is really like. So I thought I'd share a few of them.
12/02/2015 15:05 GMT

#ReviewWomen2015: It's Time to Take Commercial Fiction Seriously

Every time you review a book by a female writer - whatever the genre - whether on social media, on your blog, in your local or national newspaper, use the #ReviewWomen2015 hashtag. Let's make this the year fiction by women gets reviewed more than ever before.
26/01/2015 15:08 GMT

Interview with Emma Healey: Winner of the Costa First Novel Award

Emma Healey has had a roller coaster six months: her debut novel Elizabeth Is Missing, which sold for a six-figure advance, was published last summer to critical acclaim. And last week the twenty-nine year old writer won the Costa First Novel award and is now up against the likes of Ali Smith and Kate Saunders for the Costa Book of the Year Prize.
12/01/2015 16:47 GMT

The Ones To Watch: Best Debut Fiction Coming In 2015

But what is it that makes debut fiction so irresistible? For some it's the excitement of discovering new voices. For others it's the possibility of following a writer though a long career from the very beginning.
18/12/2014 18:11 GMT

The Highlights: Best of Fiction 2015

I've struggled to get this list down to twenty. But this is the list of books which I'd give to my best friend or my mum, or take on holiday if I happened to be having a particularly long one. It's the list of books I'm most excited about reading, and which I strongly suspect will be some of the most talked-about of the year.
15/12/2014 07:09 GMT

The Best Books To Gift This Christmas

Since we all know there's no better gift - at Christmas or any other time - than a book, here are some of the best books published this year to gift this Christmas. There's something for everyone - even that person who always hates every present they're ever given...
01/12/2014 10:40 GMT

The Best Debut Novels of 2014

Once all the noise has died down, which of this year's debuts will really stand the test of time? Who are the authors with long and successful careers ahead of them? Which are the truly standout first novels of 2014? Here are seven I think are genuinely unmissable.
05/11/2014 16:09 GMT

The Trouble With Aid

I suspect most of us want to see an effective international aid programme. But only by addressing some of the institutional processes by which money is awarded and projects assessed are we likely to feel as confident as we ought that British international aid is making the difference it should, and difference it could.
03/11/2014 16:25 GMT