Hannah Cockroft

Double Paralympic Gold Medalist, double World Champion, 24-time world record breaker

Hannah Cockroft MBE: Double Paralympic Gold Medalist, Double World Champion, 24-time World Record Breaker.

Hurricane Hannah, Sportswoman and Elite Sprint Wheelchair Athlete, shortlisted for SWOTY 2013.
Independence Is My Greatest

Independence Is My Greatest Achievement

The future holds more competing but I also want to finish my degree, to grow up a little and I am also interested in a media career - I would love to be the next Clare Balding. Until then, I want to inspire other athletes and show them what can be achieved through hard work.
15/12/2016 17:03 GMT
Why Are Female Athletes So Judged on Their

Why Are Female Athletes So Judged on Their Bodies?

At the moment, Rebecca Adlington is in the jungle but the reception she has got is a good show of the pressure athletes are under. Where the male athletes have women drooling over their six packs, I feel as a female athlete, you are constantly being judged on your body.
05/12/2013 17:37 GMT