Hannah Gal

Award winning filmmaker, writer and artist

Hannah's writing, photography, film and illustration credits include The Independent, MacWorld, Photo District News, The British Journal of Photography, MTV, MacUser, SKY, BBC1, CNN, The New Yorker, Adobe, Apple, PhotoshopCreative, The Guardian, HollywoodShorts, Edinburgh festival and The Artist among others.

Hannah was nominated for the Beck’s Futures Prize and has been the subject of artist profiles on Apple.com, BBC, Adobe.com and MTV.

She is the author of several art books and has given talks for Apple (London store), the Media Trust, Adobe and Corbis.

Described by Brief Encounters as a 'groundbreaking filmmaker', Hannah shot her Adobe commissioned film Breathe, entirely under water.
The film's worldwide screenings include Edinburgh, Foyles and the ICA, Channel4 and Hollywood Shorts. This 'disturbingly beautiful' short was followed by the documentary Hollow Men based on the life of Leon Greenman (An Englishman in Auschwitz), parts of which were screened on BBC1.

Hannah's film Savage brought her take on America's worst ever recorded child abuse case. The film was supported by the UK Film Council, merited a call from Spielberg's On The Lot, and
following an Edinburgh festival screening, won Hannah a recommendation for the Sundance feature film program.

Hannah is currently working on a shorter edit for My Friend The End and researching a documentary about domestic abuse.

Hannah seeks reason and great coffee wherever she goes. Wishes she was born earlier so she could see Richard Pryor and George Carlin live. Follows Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and Ted.com among others. Loves creativity, music and film, bitterly disappointed by visual art.

'Don't Call Me a Cheat or a Fraud' Q&A With Sally Morgan

I often say that my show is not about a belief system and I stand by this. For me it is about sharing the possibility of an afterlife. I ask people to come along with an open mind and allow people to make their own minds up/
29/10/2014 15:16 GMT

'Beano' Magic at St Pancras Station This Half-Term and Beyond...

London's St Pancras station is being taken over by the Beano, with typical Dennis and friends' mischief and mayhem. For thirteen delightfully cheeky weeks, starting this half term break, the Beano characters as well as behind the scene creatives, will be putting a smile of people's faces, no doubt rekindling fond childhood memories for many.
24/10/2014 16:08 BST

Where We Are; One Direction's Epic Journey

The 75 minutes epic features the band's catchy tunes, a never before seen interview and exclusive backstage tour footage, all in true high definition and a 5:1 surround sound; "an epic event for Directioners".
30/09/2014 12:12 BST

Technology Meets Craftmanship at London's Scream Gallery

Artist Caroline Jane Harris is inspired by the beauty of nature. "It is humans' relationship with nature" she explains, "my work is about traditional skills and modern technology used together; how they contrast each other and complement each other at the same time, which to me reflects our relationship with nature".
30/06/2014 12:39 BST

The RSA Student Design Awards Celebrate Ninety Years of Innovation

Through inspiring briefs and a constructive collaboration with the private sector, the SDAs have over the years produced highly relevant, often groundbreaking work, which in turn have led to the awards being recognised as one of the creative industry's most highly regarded sources of new talent.
27/06/2014 11:17 BST

Felix Dennis - a Tribute

Felix Dennis has today lost his battle with Cancer. In tribute to an inspirational poet and a true lover of nature, I share my last interview with a man who through tireless planting of trees, has made this world a better place for us all.
23/06/2014 14:35 BST

The Beatles as You've Never Seen Them Before

Mick and Brita's children's books are magical. From space to the food chain, recycling to what lurks underground, every day life is explained is a captivating way; I urge every parent to get a copy of Yum Yum, Yuck or What's up and see their child's curious eyes fill with pleasure.
07/05/2014 17:42 BST

A Day at the Races - Isn't It Time We Put an End to Such Animal Abuse?

A 2012 New York Times investigation has revealed that an average of 24 horses suffer fatal breakdowns at tracks across the US every week partly because of the misuse of drugs that keep injured horses running. Furthermore, 10,000 broken-down thoroughbreds are sent to slaughter every year.
20/03/2014 15:21 GMT

Small Babies, Big Lives; The Charity Helping the NHS Save Lives

Harriet Laura Amy Leah was born at 37 weeks on 16th November 2012 by c-section. "She was laying very awkwardly" explains her mum Zena, "doing the splits and her cord was presenting, had my waters gone the cord would have been the first thing out and she would have most probably suffocated"
18/03/2014 11:44 GMT

Invisible Scars - A Conversation With a Victim of Domestic Abuse

Milly still catches herself doing things the way her former husband liked them done. "I can now see the extent to which I adjusted myself over the years to accommodate him, I even had to watch myself during the school run and not chat to other mums because I knew he would quiz me about it..
17/03/2014 13:14 GMT