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Cinema lover, keen reader and music fan, Harry also has an interest in current affairs and sport. Former film critic for student publication 'The Orbital', Harry graduated in English Literature at Royal Holloway in 2015 and currently blogs about film and anything else he can think of at
Rogue One - Content With Being A Beautiful

Rogue One - Content With Being A Beautiful Mess

<strong>The anticipation hasn't quite been on the same level as <em>Force Awakens</em>, so <em>Rogue One</em> was always going to be on the back foot. The decision to make it a standalone movie, free from the traditional constraints of the space opera franchise, seemed bold. But there's only one thing people care about: does <em>Rogue One</em> live up to, or trump, <em>Force Awakens</em>? Unfortunately it's not quite a black or white answer.</strong>
23/12/2016 11:07 GMT
In Cinemas:

In Cinemas: Arrival

It reminds us that unity and communication is more relevant than ever. A simple, beautiful message. This is a film anyone and everyone should watch; even if you don't fully grasp everything at the time, there will still be an impact that will last for years to come. Unforgettable.
05/12/2016 15:28 GMT

War Dogs

Funny? Sure. Dramatic? Nope. <em>War Dogs</em> was brought off the boil too early. It's a film of two halves, and that's never entertaining. <em>Hangover</em> instigator Phillips gives it a shot, but ultimately this is <em>The Big Short</em> with big guns smacked with a little <em>Lord of War</em> egoism for kicks. On the plus side, I like that Philips is investing comedy in this way. Imagine if more comedies were this unique?
12/09/2016 13:48 BST
The Little

The Little Prince

This is a story inspired by <em>The Little Prince</em> that keeps faithful to the spirit of the source. Great visuals and a short, surprisingly powerful family comedy-drama - <em>The Little Prince</em> is just sitting online, waiting to be watched. A gem from Netflix.
12/09/2016 13:43 BST

Suicide Squad

Another film about superhe-oh, wait, villains? Shame, I think they're still the heroes. How boring. <em>Suicide Squad</em> was rated 15 - it sure doesn't seem it. Not necessarily failing the target audience, but they will recognise missed potential. Tweens would lap up this straightline shit for breakfast. Soundtrack's decent though.
12/09/2016 13:26 BST


The sheboot caused uproar before it was even released as the trailer became the most disliked video in YouTube's history. Why? Because the leads were women - underlying sexism strikes again! In light of this, I'm going to try something: I'm going to actually give the film a chance and review it like normal human being. 
05/09/2016 14:00 BST

Finding Dory

There was so much potential here. The central narrative - finding Dory's parents - was unavoidable. Any scriptwriter, nay, your neighbour or cat would have known this was the right step to take. The filler, however, disinterests me. Marlin and Nemo's subplots are bafflingly simple with no sense of wit or fun.
30/08/2016 14:54 BST
Everybody Wants

Everybody Wants Some!!

I can't personally fault Linklater et al. <em>Everybody Wants Some!!</em> made me nostalgic, and others will feel the same. It rides on the Boyhood realist wave to great effect too. But if you don't want to reminisce... what's the point? To think this is a standalone film is the failure. If it was part of a bigger picture, a trilogy maybe, you could see loads of promise.
09/08/2016 10:20 BST


There's no John Williams score to rave about, but Mark Rylance follows up his Oscar-winning performance in Bridge of Spies with his charming take on the title character, and with Ruby Barnhill's steadfast Sophie in hot pursuit it's hard not to see the appeal of this colourful movie for all the family. It hits hard at the niche market and stays put.
03/08/2016 15:40 BST


Morality and mortality have never seemed so aggressively real. First hour aside, this European hit has few rivals, technically or aesthetically. What else: it's a classic in the making, even if it is reserved for a cathartic thriller.
03/08/2016 15:11 BST
The Legend of

The Legend of Tarzan

Forget Disney, forget Phil Collins and forget coherency. Yates's take will leave hearts swooning for the leading couple, but if it's not a catwalk you're after, or melodrama, then you might as well pretend this film never existed. This is for teenage girls who can handle a little angst.
03/08/2016 15:09 BST
Eddie the

Eddie the Eagle

I like the nod the film gives to <em>Cool Runnings</em>. Of course, this film has a lot to owe that and is in many ways the spiritual sequel. But you've got to commit to the good vibes otherwise you're going to want to faceplant the floor.
01/08/2016 12:19 BST
Trumbo and

Trumbo and Anomalisa

<strong>What makes a man tick?</strong> For Dalton Trumbo (Bryan Cranston) it's screenwriting. He's a genius and proud of his job, earning big bucks and fame. However, as WWII draws to a close, Communist aggression leads to his arrest and exclusion from the big league studios.
20/05/2016 16:27 BST