Harry Howard

Writer, journalist and student

Harry Howard is the former Editor of The Badger, the student newspaper at the University of Sussex. He is a writer and journalist, and apparently 'enjoyably honest'. Follow him on Twitter: @howardharry

It's the Young Who Will Suffer in Our Surveillance Society

We need to start thinking differently about the way in which we use our modern devices, or alternatively we need to redefine the concept of privacy, because when it suits our employer and government overlords, it is an entirely disregarded principle.
05/04/2016 10:59 BST

In Defence of Peter Tatchell

This tolerance isn't just tolerance for the sake of it, but rather that through free expression and through the clash of opposing views, we can, as a society, get one step closer to the truth - if it exists at all.
14/03/2016 16:27 GMT

Happy Jurors Make a Good Jury

I have recently completed two weeks of jury service at a Crown Court in Kent. Two months previously, as I was looking through my boring post, which mainly consisted of a bank statement and unwanted takeaway menus, I saw an ominous envelope with 'Crown Court' visible through the little paper window.
17/09/2015 17:06 BST

Where Is the Labour Party's Emerging Talent?

Where is all of Labour's genuine young talent? Chuka Umunna was seen as the poster boy of the Blairites but has since shown - with his withdrawal from the leadership election - that he can't cope with the pressures of being a leadership candidate, let alone the actual leader.
30/08/2015 20:30 BST

The House of Lords Should Remain Unelected

Certainly, the upper house needs reform in a number of areas, not least to ensure that numbers do not balloon to ridiculous proportions.The answer though certainly does not lie in stripping away all that is good about the House of Lords and replacing it with a room full of elected, whippable Lords, who will do what their party tells them.
16/08/2015 22:16 BST

The 'Blairite' Badge Is Now an Unwanted Label and It Shouldn't Be

Tony Blair is rightly unpopular for a number of reasons, yet what he achieved as a politician, in revolutionising his party after 20 years of upheaval, was nothing short of remarkable. Real prosperity and real investment was delivered and I just can't understand why today's party is prepared to turn its back on that in favour of becoming an electoral irrelevance.
03/08/2015 22:30 BST