Haseeb Hamid

Medical student at the University of Glasgow

Haseeb Hamid is a medical student at the University of Glasgow and media representative of FOSIS Scotland.

Five Tips To Impress Medical School Admissions Tutors With Your Personal Statement

Applicants often dread writing their personal statement. Prospective medical students are repeatedly told complex, confusing and irrelevant information about how to make their application stand out from the crowd. As a result, many are unaware of what medical school admissions tutors are truly looking for, what information to include and how to make sure they are ticking the right boxes.
18/07/2017 11:29 BST

Seven Reasons Why Islamic Societies are the Best Societies on Campus

The beginning of a new university year has dawned upon us. Many of us will be looking to try out new clubs and societies this year, perhaps to learn a new skill, find a new way to relax or even broaden our social circle. Freshers will have been inundated with leaflets, sign up forms and free goodies from a wide array of societies on campus who are desperate for new members.
05/10/2015 11:10 BST

A Muslim Student's Hopes for 2015

Growing hostility towards Muslims from the general public is frankly worrying for British society-this must be changed. To create the unity we all so desperately need for Britain's future, teamwork is crucial: both Muslims and the rest of society must rally to resolve issues in the 21st Century.
08/01/2015 17:57 GMT