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Hattie Clarke

Writer and arts marketing professional working in London.

Easily pleased by welsh speakers, full bookshelves and postcard collections

A Case For The Free-Range Eyebrow

I'm sick of plucking my eyebrows. It's been coming on for a while now, ever since we moved house and the position of my bathroom mirror changed. In our previous cavelike dwelling my mirror was in a shady corner where I would squint to see what havoc I was making with the bronzer.
03/05/2017 17:09 BST

Tall Women Make The Best Lovers

I'd like to tell you about tall women and the mighty problems we face. As a card carrying 6ft tall member of the Tall Women Brigade I want to share my own experiences of an above average view on life.
31/01/2017 13:01 GMT

10 Things I Learnt As An Airbnb Host

When we moved into our flat two years ago, my partner and I opened up our spare bedroom to the Airbnb system. What started as a way to bring in some extra money to smarten up our house, resulted in a fascination with meeting new people and learning about the places they call home.
27/01/2017 14:40 GMT

'Flatmate' Seems to Be the Hardest Word

Living situations are one of the most important and impacting factors for students, and the hardest to get right. Most of my friends have either found that perfect living partnership, or its been disastrous from beginning to end. I belong to the latter party, the one who's dreams never seem to come true.
23/12/2012 13:08 GMT

A Shakespearean Education

For non-English literature prodigies, whom Shakespeare was forced upon in secondary school, there should be some thought put in for making room for a wider range of texts who might appeal to a modern age of students. When Shakespeare's work is so deeply embedded in our culture, they've got nothing to worry about, he's sure to get to us anyway.
11/11/2011 12:27 GMT