Heidi Montag

TV personality, popstar, author, and the Ultimate Housewife

Heidi Montag is a small-town girl living the Cinderella-meets-Hollywood dream! After starring on hit televisions series such as The Hills, Celebrity Big Brother, and Celebrity Marriage Boot Camp, Heidi has learned to appreciate the art of entertainment in all shapes and forms. She recently finished writing ‘Provide, Provide’, her debut novel about a young girl who rises from small-town beginnings to reality-TV stardom. Heidi is first and foremost a lover of life and pursuer of dreams. The most important things in the world to her are her family and love!

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#RHOBH: Season Five

#RHOBH: Season Five Wrap

Our explosive #RHOBH Season Five is wrapping!! I have a feeling it's not going to be #HappilyEverAfter for all involved. The Beverly Hills secret drama vault is being opened, and you know there are going to be some diamonds in there... or at least some gold diggers.
09/09/2015 16:19 BST
#RHOBH: The Reunion Part

#RHOBH: The Reunion Part 2

Eileen should know by now that there are no secrets on reality TV. If you were a home-wrecker in the past, regardless of the circumstances, it is going to come out! Eileen, you're not playing a pretend character anymore, and you can't always get the role you want in real life.
26/08/2015 17:17 BST
#RHOBH - Brandi Calls Kyle a

#RHOBH - Brandi Calls Kyle a C***

Kim might be a little funny, but the winner for this season's Entertainment Queen goes to Brandi! You will be missed, Brandi, at least by the audience! I hope Brandi and Andre (her Dutch boy) get married. Lol, get it girl!! #NoJudgement
19/08/2015 15:20 BST
#RHOBH S5, EP19 - The Party's

#RHOBH S5, EP19 - The Party's Over

Lisa Vanderpump takes the opportunity to shame and confront Brandi one last time for her grand finale - but Brandi has other plans. Brandi is sick of these women and is not having it when Lisa V. tries to shame her. I agree with Brandi...
12/08/2015 22:20 BST
Real Confessions of a

Real Confessions of a Housewife

Brandi is right, too, though, when she responds to Yolanda by saying that the other Housewives all get away with acting crazy and misbehaving. Let's not forget, Lisa Rinna threw a glass which was reckless. If that was Brandi, they would have called the police! It is a #DoubleStandard for sure. Poor Brandi!
05/08/2015 10:37 BST
RHOBH Season 5 - After the Epic Fight in

RHOBH Season 5 - After the Epic Fight in Amsterdam...

Yolanda gathers the other Housewives over to dinner, trying to draw them away from the drama. But Brandi and Kyle try to talk things out, and of course it only escalates. I can't believe Kim sits there, saying nothing. I think what everyone really needs is a #GroupHug!
29/07/2015 10:07 BST
#RHOBH S5, EP16 - Epic Fight in

#RHOBH S5, EP16 - Epic Fight in Amsterdam

So yes, these Housewives are no strangers to catfights, but the extreme volatility of the Amsterdam dinner definitely goes into the <em>RHOBH</em> Catfight Hall of Fame!! Lisa R. has officially become one of her soap opera characters; in her own words, she "lost her marbles" at this dinner! All the Housewives walk out upset -- but, shockingly, Kim and Lisa R. make up the next day, agreeing to move forward. Maybe fitting, since they were tied for the worst-behaved Housewives last night!
22/07/2015 08:21 BST
RHOBH Season 5: Is Brandi Ruining Kim's

RHOBH Season 5: Is Brandi Ruining Kim's Life?

After the race, Yolanda reveals that she is taking the Housewives on a trip to Amsterdam! Obviously, smoking pot is the first topic of conversation amongst these highbrow women. Let's get this party started! The height of this season's drama is about to go down!!!
15/07/2015 09:48 BST
#RHOBH Season 5 - Kim's Reaching Out For

#RHOBH Season 5 - Kim's Reaching Out For Help

Last week brought #AlltheDrama! Our favorite women of the 90210 faced some heated moments, debating the stability and balance of Brandy and Kim's relationship, attending a movie premiere, and dealing with genealogy results. These high-society women are living in chaos! But the real cliffhanger from last week was the conversation between Lisa Rinna and Brandi. Can't wait to see how this one plays out. Ultimately, we were all left wondering: will the bonds of Kim and Kyle's sisterhood survive this season?
08/07/2015 08:03 BST
TV Review: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 'Season 5,

TV Review: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 'Season 5, Ep13'

This season on the elite world of the privileged housewives of Beverly Hills, there is quite the drama stirring! Between new cast members and an old sibling rivalry, we hardly have time to breathe between one dramatic moment and the next.
01/07/2015 17:18 BST