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Helen Croydon

Best-selling author, journalist and broadcaster

Helen Croydon is a best-selling author, journalist and broadcaster, with a focus on social trends, modern relationships, gender equality, consumer investigations and health and fitness. Her latest book, This Girl Ran: Tales of a Party Girl Turned Triathlete is out in February 2018 (Summersdale). Her other books include the dating memoir Sugar Daddy Diaries: When a Fantasy Became an Obsession, which made a best-seller list in 2011, and Screw The Fairytale: A Modern Guide to Sex and Love, which is a witty polemic looking at whether life-long relationships are compatible with modern life. She’s written for almost all national newspapers and several magazines. She’s a lively commentator on current and social affairs for TV and radio. You may have seen her reviewing the papers on Sky News or the BBC News Channel. Or on Newsnight, This Morning, GMB, BBC Breakfast, Woman’s Hour and more to debate topical issues. She is also a freelance producer at ITV News. When she's not doing all that she's an avid triathlete and has competed for GB in Age-group World Champs.
Snoring Is a Feminist

Snoring Is a Feminist Issue

When I've found myself subjected to a boyfriend's sinus acrobatics in stereo, I've taken my slumber elsewhere. I prefer to start my working day without looking like I've gone two rounds with Muhammed Ali.
24/11/2014 14:23 GMT
Is Your Coupledom Obsession Killing Romance This Valentine's

Is Your Coupledom Obsession Killing Romance This Valentine's Day?

I'm not saying it isn't a wonderful happy ending: falling passionately in love with someone for the rest of your life, someone who'll forever support you and of whom you'll never tire. But it's the journey which appeals to our imagination, not the destination. The fact 39 per cent of marriages end in divorce provides further evidence for that.
14/02/2014 12:51 GMT
What Took Them So Long to Develop a Male

What Took Them So Long to Develop a Male Pill?

When scientists announced this week that the male contraceptive pill is a step closer to being developed my first thought was 'It took them 52 years since the female pill to get this far.'
04/12/2013 17:03 GMT
We Shouldn't Be Surprised By Couples Delaying

We Shouldn't Be Surprised By Couples Delaying Marriage

Teenage sweethearts who mate for life are becoming extinct, or so says a new study. Commentators have been quick to jump on this as more evidence of our restless commitment adverse culture or the demise of the nuclear family. But is it any wonder that people of marrying age today are apprehensive?
26/07/2013 17:29 BST
The Perpetually Late Don't Mean to Be

The Perpetually Late Don't Mean to Be Rude

In an era where every smart phone offers something to read or play or listen to, is hanging on for someone for ten minutes really so devastating? As anyone who has ever entertained will know, one thing much ruder than being a little late, is a guest who turns up early.
06/03/2013 13:30 GMT
There Are Enough Days to Celebrate Love - Give Us a Singletine's

There Are Enough Days to Celebrate Love - Give Us a Singletine's Day?

Our High Street this week, I have to say, is a shame to us all. It's gone a trashy shade of red. The colour pollution of Valentine's paraphernalia started four weeks ago. Four! Barely had the dregs of the January sales rails been relegated further into bargain bins when Clinton's was transposed into a sea of red.
12/02/2013 22:40 GMT
There's No Such Thing as 'Traditional

There's No Such Thing as 'Traditional Marriage'

It was a relief for me that the Commons voted so strongly in favour of gay marriage - not because I'd like to marry a woman - but for peace of mind that our politicians have not been time warped along with Richard III. The so-called traditionalists, who claimed that allowing gay marriage would alter centuries of marital custom, don't know what they are talking about. The form and purpose of marriage is constantly being reinvented.
06/02/2013 17:42 GMT
When Did Children Start to Jump the Queue at

When Did Children Start to Jump the Queue at Christmas?

When did we become so child worshipping? My friends who are parents don't care so much for buying presents for each other, but buy presents for each other's children instead. More bright plastic objects that will get thrown in a corner, lost or outgrown within months.
29/12/2012 21:10 GMT
Teenage Porn Epidemic? Let Them Get Over it Without a

Teenage Porn Epidemic? Let Them Get Over it Without a Teacher

We should leave young people to stumble though their own individual paths of sexual discovery. This particular gateway to adulthood is the most exciting of all. Safe sex education is one thing, spelling out preferences, defining fantasies and dictating appropriate reactions is short of social engineering... There has always been a demand - and therefore a supply - of eroticised images. From explicit Egyptian cave drawings and carvings, to top shelf magazines, people - mostly men - have perpetuated a fascination in the physical sexualised female form.
28/10/2012 18:29 GMT
You're Not Married Because You Don't Want to

You're Not Married Because You Don't Want to Be

In the 1950s married couples represented 85% of all households in the UK. Last year this figure was 67%. The number of 'married' and 'never married' women is predicted to be equal by 2031.
23/09/2012 21:14 BST
Fidelity Is a

Fidelity Is a Fairytale

Now, more than at any other time, we need to adopt a more flexible approach to coupledom. Yet as the world allows for increasingly autonomous lifestyles, we tighten the reins on our spouses.
29/08/2012 22:54 BST
Really Wise Women Pretend They're

Really Wise Women Pretend They're Not

Last week a new book, <a href="" target="_hplink"><em>Are We Getting Smarter</em></a> claimed that, amongst other things, women are acquiring brains faster than guys.
05/08/2012 17:14 BST
I Can't Trust Serial

I Can't Trust Serial Monogamists

This week I was interviewing long-term happy bachelors for a women's magazine on the rise of singledom. When I say long-term, I mean willingly long-term. Not the spluttering, nervous, perspiring ones who hang around speed dating events desperate to find a girlfriend.
11/05/2012 22:30 BST
Date for Dosh? Do So at Your

Date for Dosh? Do So at Your Peril

I was drawn to <a href="" target="_hplink"></a> because I wanted to meet someone older, wiser, more distinguished. I had no idea that a sub-culture existed where men offered shopping allowances, gifts and in some cases cash in return for the luxury of a non-demanding girlfriend.
26/04/2012 22:12 BST