Helen Reeves

Feminist, local government political person, amateur stand-up, crisps and telly expert, prone to quote Morrissey.

My name is Helen, I’m 26 and I work for the Labour Party in local government. I’m interested in feminism (I did a Master's degree in Women's Studies), reading novels prolifically, watching a lot of films and drinking too much wine. I also try my hand at stand-up comedy from time to time.

I blog in a couple of different places including my personal blog, Tales of a Bad Feminist, and as a co-Editor for Women's Views on News.
We Must Realise That Pornography Doesn't Exist in a

We Must Realise That Pornography Doesn't Exist in a Vacuum

I've been listening to current debates about pornography - most recently about young children watching it - and it got me thinking. For feminists, pornography is one of those particularly contentious issues, along with prostitution and the other sexual industries. Really, anything with a sexual element is quite a contested terrain.
28/03/2014 13:16 GMT
Stop Misusing the Term

Stop Misusing the Term 'Empowerment'

With the common mantra that "sex sells" and the idea that we have now reached a cultural peak of sexual openness and opportunity, a so-called 'post-feminist' outlook might argue that women today are now more sexually empowered to make a broader range of sexual choices. But whilst it's laudable that women are allowed to be sexual and openly enjoy sex; surely <em>empowerment</em> would be doing that on our own terms?
11/03/2014 16:57 GMT