Holly Bell

Mother, recipe writer, blogger, presenter and was runner up in the 2011 Great British Bake Off

Holly Bell grew up in Leicestershire, the daughter of two police officers. She trained to be a midwife for a year, delivering 10 babies in the process, dropped out to study English at Liverpool University and then spent her twenties working in advertising and living in London. In her late twenties she went home for Christmas, met a man, he proposed 9 days later and her career as a housewife and mother was born. In 2011 she took part in the Great British Bake Off and finished as a runner up.

Since then she juggles looking after two small boys with presenting on QVC, writing recipes and blogging. Another baby is due later this summer.

The Perils Of Being

The Perils Of Being Ownerless

I consider myself a feminist. I consider myself to live in a world where things are certainly not equal for women, but being white, married, middle class, heterosexual and reasonably solvent meant that I did not experience the injustice so many women do on a daily basis.
10/10/2017 14:25 BST
Bramley Apple and Cinnamon Crepe

Bramley Apple and Cinnamon Crepe Cake

Did you know the Bramley apple is only grown in Britain and is over 200 years old? It's loved by both chefs and home cooks for its excellent flavour and texture. It's higher malic acid content and lower sugar levels give it a stronger, tangier taste that retains its flavour when cooked.
09/02/2016 12:11 GMT
Perfect, Fluffy and Lower Calorie

Perfect, Fluffy and Lower Calorie Rice

The reduction in calories is at worst 10%, though scientists (who are these people who go around chucking coconut oil into rice all day?) think they could reduce the calories by as much as 60% with some varieties.
26/01/2016 11:19 GMT
Garlic, Lemon and Chilli

Garlic, Lemon and Chilli Chicken

Merry back to normal! We're here, we made it! December is done. The tree's down, the cards recycled and the kitchen raided of all sprouts, stilton and stollen. I love Christmas; love, love, love it, but, I do like getting back to normal just as much.
17/01/2016 17:18 GMT
Oreo Peanut Butter

Oreo Peanut Butter Brownies

How are the resolutions going? This year I decided to absolutely not make any new year's resolutions. I've made many in my time and have found, after a good few years of research, that they are more often than not, pointless.
13/01/2016 10:56 GMT
Firecracker Scones

Firecracker Scones Recipe

Here I am at 35, sitting at my kitchen table most nights, head in hands, as I navigate new platforms and editing software. And it makes me mad as a box of frogs that I can remember some Latin verbs at the drop of a hat, yet excel baffles me. Anyway, onto the recipe.
21/12/2015 11:27 GMT
Cinnamon Apple Pie

Cinnamon Apple Pie Recipe

I like my apples tart and bright and crisp and loud. Cooked apples are soft and slow and quiet. You could secretly eat cooked apples without anyone knowing. Raw apples are too shouty for that. I like that about raw apples.
18/12/2015 11:27 GMT
Christmas Frangipane Tart

Christmas Frangipane Tart Recipe

This frangipane tart is all the things you want from a festive tart. It has orange curd and almonds and spices and dried fruit. It's missing marzipan but I daren't chuck that in. I know how shirty some of you get when I become all marzipan-happy.
15/12/2015 16:39 GMT
Peanut Butter and Jam Brownie

Peanut Butter and Jam Brownie Recipe

Nothing but nothing is prepared and it's almost (gasp) December. This has never happened before. At least, if it has, I have blanked it out. I have a few stocking fillers. I have a list of possible gifts to buy. I have a box of Christmas cards and some silver bells to attach to the presents I haven't bought yet. But that's it. What's wrong with me?
29/11/2015 18:38 GMT
Sweet Potato, Carrot and Coriander Soup

Sweet Potato, Carrot and Coriander Soup Recipe

You may have seen my last takeover of Mummy's writing, anyway, I'm back. She's busy on her phone pretending to work when really I know she's on facebook, looking up people she used to know but didn't like well enough to stay proper friends with. Mothers are funny like that. If I don't like someone I just throw a plastic brick at them. Or bite them. I like to be clear.
24/11/2015 16:10 GMT
Sweet Potato and Mushroom Chilli

Sweet Potato and Mushroom Chilli Recipe

Every so often I make a recipe and pop a pic up on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and despite me thinking it looks a bit of a mess, people seem to like the sound of it. And it was nice, this sweet potato and mushroom curry.
06/11/2015 15:09 GMT
Bacon, Apple and Maple Eggy Brioche

Bacon, Apple and Maple Eggy Brioche Sandwich

Last week I was asked to judge The Great British Bacon Off. Well, given I ate bacon with not one, but two meals on the day before the contest, I reckon I was fit for the job. This recipe, made by Sophie, was the winner.
19/10/2015 14:00 BST
Lemon Cupcakes With Coconut Buttercream Recipe (and a Recipe for

Lemon Cupcakes With Coconut Buttercream Recipe (and a Recipe for Marriage)

A marriage is not a wedding day. When you've had your first massive married row you really won't care about whether you had live goldfish on the tables (yep, I used to work at a wedding venue as a waitress, I have seen it <em>all</em>, including bridesmaids and grooms doing unmentionable things behind the bins.
02/10/2015 17:27 BST
Thai Spiced Sweet Potato, Squash and Coconut

Thai Spiced Sweet Potato, Squash and Coconut Soup

Madrid was littered with rookie mini break errors. We have just booked Rome. Rome will be different. We will ace Rome. And until Rome I will mostly be eating this soup. Because I really want to look slim and chic in Rome and I reckon this is a delicious way to get there.
28/09/2015 17:41 BST
Easy Vegetarian No-Meatballs

Easy Vegetarian No-Meatballs Recipe

Serve with a simple tomato sauce made by heating chopped tomatoes with a tbsp of olive oil, a little salt, pepper and a teaspoon of sugar for 20 minutes. Add some dried oregano and you're done. These are delicious with any pasta and of course, rice too...
21/09/2015 08:27 BST

Fruity Tiffin

Here's a no-bake chocolate biscuit fridge cake packed with loads of different dried fruit, nuts and biscuits and topped with a layer of chocolate. This is a real treat! Keeps for up to five days in an air tight tin.
28/08/2015 18:12 BST
Quiche in a

Quiche in a Mug

I love an oven baked quiche as much as the next person but sometimes I have neither the time nor the inclination for making pastry. This recipe is a nifty way to get that quiche flavour; the carby hit usually provided by the pastry, instead offered by the egg soaked bread.
20/08/2015 17:29 BST
Tropical Breakfast

Tropical Breakfast Bars

This is a low refined sugar bar packed full of oats, a little like a flapjack, with a totally tropical taste. A great way to start the day without lots of unnecessary added refined sugar. These freeze well too, so make a batch, store away in your freezer and defrost one overnight ready for breakfast at home or on the go.
10/08/2015 16:49 BST
Easy Pink Porridge

Easy Pink Porridge Recipe

Pink, pink, pink. What do we think of pink? I remember loving my one posh pink dress as a child. It had a fairytale hill scene appliqued on the front in pink gingham. But the pink dress was for best. Pink was special.
16/07/2015 17:37 BST
Easy Bourbon Belly

Easy Bourbon Belly Recipe

Preheat the oven to 200°C/gas mark 6. Place the pork in a large roasting tray and bake for 30 minutes, turning the pork once. In the meantime mix all the other ingredients together and set aside.
08/07/2015 20:10 BST