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Holly Poulter

London wedding planner and stylist at Revelry Events

Holly and Susannah are wedding designers and planners in London, and run Revelry Events - rulebook-free weddings.

Wedding Stationery Hacks For The Crafty Bride

We know. It sucks. You haven't even stepped into a bridal shop yet and you're already wide-eyed at the cost of all the paper you've got to think about. Save the dates, place cards, table plans, escort cards. Not to mention the invitations themselves!
05/05/2017 12:09 BST

How To Save Money On Your Wedding Food

Unless you're dropping some serious cash on a diamond encrusted wedding dress, it's a pretty safe bet that food and drink will be the biggest slice of your wedding budget. And so it should be - food and drink are essential to you and your guests having a great time, and setting the tone for the day.
14/03/2017 13:35 GMT

How To Survive Your First Wedding Fair

A big reason brides and couples come to wedding shows is because it's a great way to speak to a bunch of suppliers face-to-face at the same time. Bargain hunter brides should use the opportunity to haggle direct with them, and you'll find some will prove more than willing to do you a deal.
27/02/2017 13:42 GMT

You're Engaged! Now What? Seven Things To Do Before Anything Else

Your other half has probably just spent the past few weeks or months sweating at the thought of asking you this question, with a ring possibly burning a hole in his pocket. It's likely they will want a bit of a breather too! Go out and celebrate and revel in the moment.
24/02/2017 13:29 GMT

How to Not Hate Your Own Wedding

Songbird Kelly Clarkson called off the big wedding she and her fiance were planning this October, because she was 'so overwhelmed' and 'so over' planning it... But for most couples, it's simply not possible. So if you've got to knuckle down and get it done, how do you manage to not hate your own wedding?
25/08/2013 23:05 BST