Huw Macartney

Senior Lecturer in Political Economy, University of Birmingham

Trump, Brexit, The London Riots, And Alternative Economic Futures

In sum, Brexit and Trump will - I contend - not lead to a greater rebalancing of social relations and less inequality. Neoliberalisation will continue and an increasingly disillusioned electorate will shift from expression via traditional democratic means to more violent forms of protest. And so the search for alternative economic futures needs to step up a gear. Value-free social sciences should indeed be sober and undergo a serious period of self-examination following the events of 2016.
17/11/2016 15:58 GMT

The Good News and the Bad News for the Post-Referendum Economy

The good news then is that this is not likely to be a banking crisis like that which we witnessed in 2008. The bad news though is what comes after the initial 'shock' has passed. Because even if the Bank of England looks set to be able to weather the immediate storm inflicted by stock markets, the longer term implications look far less certain and far more challenging.
24/06/2016 16:18 BST