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Ian Middleton

Ethical entrepreneur and writer on politics, the environment, music, technology, human and animal rights

Ian is a writer and ethical entrepreneur. He writes on politics, the environment, ethical consumerism, technology, and animal and human rights. He also writes a regular column for Retail Week Magazine and various new media platforms including and national newspapers and magazines. He's a former research psychologist, musician, trail runner, hiker, vegan, humanist, beer lover and committed atheist. He has appeared on BBC TV and local and national radio and was The Green Party Parliamentary candidate for North Oxfordshire in 2015 and 2017.

The Greens Didn't Only Win In Brighton, They Also Share A Victory In Oxfordshire

As our electoral mechanisms continue to stutter and jam, we're likely to find that administrations will be based on proportionality in practice if not in theory. Until we finally embrace and encapsulate that process at the ballot box, we'll have to rely on such ad hoc arrangements as we've seen can be effective in West Oxfordshire.
12/06/2017 12:33 BST

Tactical Voting Is Poor Democracy But It's All We Have Right Now

I do that out of pragmatism and the hope that this may knock away at least part of a Tory majority that I feel will be ruinous for this country. It's not a choice I relish, neither is it a choice I want, but in the current ridiculous state of British electoral mechanics, it's the only choice I have left.
11/05/2017 11:47 BST

A Letter To America - Please Don't Make The Same Mistake As Us

Be better than us. See Trump for what he is - a one dimensional, delusional opportunist with an axe to grind who thinks being an overpaid, over-privileged reality TV host qualifies him for one of the most responsible positions on the planet.
07/11/2016 11:25 GMT

EUChoose - Be An Individual In A New Europe

We expect the Labour Welsh Government and the UK Government to vigorously defend the Welsh national interest. We cannot afford to leave the fate of the Welsh economy in the hands of the Prime Minister and her three dawdling Brexiteers.
07/09/2016 14:04 BST

I Don't Want to Take My Country Back, I Want to Take It Forward!

Today's headlines in The Sun and the Daily Mail have once again blown the anti-immigration dog whistle for the vote on Thursday. The fact that virtually every UK and economic analyst and academic has predicted huge damage to the country if we leave the EU is of no apparent consequence to them.
21/06/2016 16:37 BST

BHS - The 'Dead Store Walking' That Never Really Had a Chance

Let's hope then that reports of viable rescue plans prove to be more than the wishful thinking of the administrators, and that if any part of the company can be saved, the future owners have pockets deep enough to allow them to concentrate on the business of retail rather than of finance.
28/04/2016 15:13 BST

We Shouldn't Let the Immigration Debate Decide Our Place in Europe

As Britain shrivels into, at best, a tawdry tax haven in perpetual serfdom to a rich elite, we'll come to the sad realisation that we've been sold a Jerusalem built on false promises and false flags. I wonder if border controls and apocryphal straight bananas will seem quite so important then.
26/02/2016 10:24 GMT

An Open Letter to Ian Hudspeth, Leader of Oxfordshire County Council, About Proposed Budget Cuts

I think the people of Oxfordshire would welcome your further engagement with the PM on their behalf and with local activists on these matters. I personally look forward to your thoughts on how best to capitalise on what has now become a national talking point, and how we can use this new focus in the best interests of Oxfordshire residents and other similarly concerned groups across the country.
18/11/2015 16:37 GMT