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Ian Spero

Social entrepreneur founder Agile Ageing Alliance & Creative Skills for Life

With extensive experience in affinity marketing and brand communications Ian Spero has gathered a deep knowledge and belief in the power of private/public sector alliances to challenge the status quo, delivering business benefit and social impact. To this end Ian has established two organisations: Creative Skills for Life (CSL), exploring the creative interface between healthcare and technology, and the Agile Ageing Alliance (AAA) which aims to empower our older selves to enjoy more meaningful, healthy and creative lives, whilst seizing new opportunities for learning and social engagement. Both CSL and AAA are committed to exploring new forms of cross-border and cross-sector collaboration, sharing capacity and developing risk-sharing models in a spirit of open innovation. Ian also provides strategic advice to organisations like the European Commission, where he has been advising on setting up a Reference Framework for Age-Friendly Housing, and Innovate UK where he is responsible for safeguarding and leveraging public investment in a diverse portfolio of exciting early stage business initiatives. A regular contributor to conferences, seminars and anthology, as well as to radio and magazines, Ian has received commendations from among others: Metro Dade County (Miami) for services to tourism; New York Festivals for film and video; International Public Relations Golden World Award; IPR Sword of Excellence; PR Week Sponsorship Award; Revolution Magazine Innovation Award; BT Britain Award for Innovation; the Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence; IVCA (International Visual Communications Association) Awards for: Learning, Experiential Communication and Entertainment
Regions And Cities Working Together For A Better

Regions And Cities Working Together For A Better Future

Yesterday I attended a meeting of the Committee of Regions in Brussels. Organised by Age Platform Europe, the auditorium was packed with enthusiastic local and regional government officials representing around 300 municipalities, towns and cities from across Europe.
12/10/2017 12:57 BST
Brands Should Celebrate Older

Brands Should Celebrate Older Consumers

In the battle against ageism this is something of a landmark victory. Age UK says that ageism, or age discrimination can impact on someone's confidence, job prospects, financial situation and quality of life. They also claim the way older people are represented in the media can have a wider impact on the public's attitudes.
24/08/2017 17:09 BST
In Search Of The Next Big

In Search Of The Next Big Thing

In America there is much talk of the 'Silver Tsunami'. According to Microsoft's Ed Steidl what we should really be talking about is a phenomenal global business opportunity.
25/07/2017 13:29 BST
Microsoft To Launch Agile Ageing Open Innovation

Microsoft To Launch Agile Ageing Open Innovation Challenge

In an unusual show of unity, Innovation Leads for IBM, Intel, Microsoft and other major corporations, will join forces with the European Space Agency, European Commission and representatives from various UK Government Departments in London next week.
04/05/2017 16:29 BST
Never Too Old For Sex, Drugs And Rock

Never Too Old For Sex, Drugs And Rock N'Roll

So it turns out we're never too old for a bit of sex, drugs and rock n roll, and furthermore it can actually do us the world of good. That's according to Professor Wlodzislaw Duch, who heads up the Neurocognitive Laboratory in the Center of Modern Interdisciplinary Technologies, and the Department of Informatics (both at Nicolaus Copernicus University).
02/11/2016 11:42 GMT
Dimensions Of

Dimensions Of Change

When we think about an ageing population and our neighbourhoods of the future, there are a couple of perspectives that spring to mind. Let's start with the essence - but one that is too easily forgotten - and that is the end-user him/or herself.
21/09/2016 15:03 BST
The Next Big

The Next Big Thing

As regular readers will know, I run Creative Skills for Life (CSL) a campaigning social venture that works with like-minded organisations; notably Innovate UK, the government's innovation agency.
16/12/2015 09:41 GMT
We Live in an Agile Age, Let's Make the Most of

We Live in an Agile Age, Let's Make the Most of It!

Traditional health and adjacent business will be affected, shaped and in some case redefined. We all stand to win from this revolution which could make ageing a lot more fun than it is for many older adults today. The future really is in our hands.
07/09/2015 12:22 BST
Children of the

Children of the Revolution

Last week I wrote about an event staged in London involving more than 200 speakers, stakeholders and thought leaders representing the private, public and 3rd sectors, with a vested interest in reimagining our future.
02/06/2015 08:42 BST
Weapons of Mass

Weapons of Mass Construction

Last week more than two hundred would-be revolutionaries answered a call to arms and gathered in London with a view to reimagining the future - let me tell you about the first day of the proceedings...
22/05/2015 10:33 BST
EU Needs Social Entrepreneurs to Leverage the Silver

EU Needs Social Entrepreneurs to Leverage the Silver Economy

A Revolution which aims to inspire businesses - large, medium, small, micro, and entrepreneurs - to join forces, in a united effort to imagine new products and services with potential of disrupting the institutional model of long term care; a model which is currently not fit for purpose
04/02/2015 14:22 GMT
Join a Revolution in Long-Term Care Worth £5 Million for

Join a Revolution in Long-Term Care Worth £5 Million for SMEs

Later this month Innovate UK, a public funded agency providing support for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with high-growth potential, will light the touch paper for a revolution, a revolution which aims to radically rethink current models of long term care and dependency.
20/11/2014 11:29 GMT