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Ian Spero

Social entrepreneur founder Agile Ageing Alliance & Creative Skills for Life

With extensive experience in affinity marketing and brand communications Ian Spero has gathered a deep knowledge and belief in the power of private/public sector alliances to challenge the status quo, delivering business benefit and social impact. To this end Ian has established two organisations: Creative Skills for Life (CSL), exploring the creative interface between healthcare and technology, and the Agile Ageing Alliance (AAA) which aims to empower our older selves to enjoy more meaningful, healthy and creative lives, whilst seizing new opportunities for learning and social engagement. Both CSL and AAA are committed to exploring new forms of cross-border and cross-sector collaboration, sharing capacity and developing risk-sharing models in a spirit of open innovation. Ian also provides strategic advice to organisations like the European Commission, where he has been advising on setting up a Reference Framework for Age-Friendly Housing, and Innovate UK where he is responsible for safeguarding and leveraging public investment in a diverse portfolio of exciting early stage business initiatives. A regular contributor to conferences, seminars and anthology, as well as to radio and magazines, Ian has received commendations from among others: Metro Dade County (Miami) for services to tourism; New York Festivals for film and video; International Public Relations Golden World Award; IPR Sword of Excellence; PR Week Sponsorship Award; Revolution Magazine Innovation Award; BT Britain Award for Innovation; the Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence; IVCA (International Visual Communications Association) Awards for: Learning, Experiential Communication and Entertainment
The Most Important Thing You Can Create Is Your Own

The Most Important Thing You Can Create Is Your Own Life

To me the most important thing you create is arguably your own life. When we talk about a creation we mean something which is unique, something which is purposeful and meaningful; something which is large and substantial.
22/08/2014 11:45 BST
Bridging the Gap Between Art and

Bridging the Gap Between Art and Healthcare

A social venture and campaigning organisation, CSL's mission is to ensure that anyone that wants it has access to qualified tools and technologies that enable them to express themselves creatively, connect with other people and work together on arts based projects, thereby improving their quality of life.
09/01/2014 15:05 GMT
The Best Is Yet to

The Best Is Yet to Come

The question is when are you too old to rock n roll? I don't know about you but I intend to make the most of my senior years. I certainly can't imagine wasting away in an institutional 'care' home. I'm aiming to be self-sufficient, living in my own 'connected' home, assisted by enabling technologies.
11/10/2013 12:42 BST
Not Just Surviving But

Not Just Surviving But Thriving

So here's the good news; the number of young people surviving life changing conditions (like cancer for example) is increasing. In fact in the UK the number has nearly doubled in the past decade, at least in part due to recent advances in the quality of medical science. So what's the bad news?
19/08/2013 21:16 BST