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Ian Johnson

Chief Executive Officer, Out Now

Ian Johnson, CEO of Out Now, is a global thought leader in the ongoing integration of LGBT issues in society. Ian has been named as one of the 'Top 10 Diversity Consultants' in the world by the Global Diversity List supported by The Economist. Established in 1992, Out Now in 2018 celebrates its 27th year of delivering leading-edge insights and business solutions to better understand and meet the needs of LGBT people right across the world. Out Now's corporate mantra is 'LGBT spells people' which recognises that what matters most to LGBT people is not marketing, research or PR, but actual understanding and solutions that help assist LGBT people to live better lives enjoying equal standing and respect - all over the world. With over 25 years working in more than a dozen countries, Ian is also one of the most experienced LGBT development leaders in the world. Out Now specializes in diversity research and business development – including the release of important findings from their ‘LGBT Diversity: Show Me The Business Case’ report - free download from http://OutNow.LGBT - drawn from the global research initiative that now samples LGBT people living in over 20 countries.  Out Now's latest development project focuses on measuring and reporting on issues faced by LGBT allies and LGBT people at work. See http://How.LGBT for further details. The firm also has strong LGBT business development practice areas in travel, banking/finance, FMCG and insurance work.
Do LGBT Allies Really

Do LGBT Allies Really Matter?

People who respect and support LGBT people are known as 'Allies'. These people help build bridges for LGBT people at work.
18/03/2016 19:55 GMT
It Gets Better - Making a Difference Five Years

It Gets Better - Making a Difference Five Years On

Anyone who has experienced it will know. Bullying is a horrible thing. It eats away at a person's confidence and inculcates them with a fear that can take hold and make them afraid to go about their daily life. That fear is what bullies thrive on.
10/07/2015 12:38 BST
Why LGBT Employees Should Come Out at

Why LGBT Employees Should Come Out at Work

Coming out at work can be difficult for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. Even with growing levels of acceptance in some places, many still fear the repercussions of letting work colleagues know their real sexual orientation or gender identity...
16/04/2015 12:27 BST
Coming Out as LGBT at Work? Where You Live

Coming Out as LGBT at Work? Where You Live Matters

A research study being released by Out Now at the end of the month shows which are the best places, out of more than twenty countries tested, to be openly LGBT at work - and the USA doesn't make the Top 5... Deciding whether to come out at work is not usually easy - and where you live can make a big difference.
16/01/2015 01:55 GMT
Ten Worst LGBT Insults at

Ten Worst LGBT Insults at Work

Work is something that is a fact of life for most of us. Just like being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender is too. But when those two intersect it is not always simple - nor easy...
20/10/2014 16:25 BST
A Tale of Two Pride

A Tale of Two Pride Campaigns

As this year's pride season comes to a close it is hard not to have noticed the sheer volume of corporate activity that has been directed at LGBT communities all over the world by brands looking to ingratiate themselves with LGBT consumers.
19/08/2014 14:08 BST