India Leigh

Allergy-friendly vegan food writer, making it mainstream

India Leigh is a food and travel writer. She's food obsessed. Since 2001 she's been navigating her way in the kitchen, and finding path to amazing food without gluten and sugar. She's on a lifetimes voyage of discovery and passionately shares her adventures on her website - A Vegan Obsession She's on a mission to Veganize the world by 2035.

Are The Days Numbered For The Egg?

There is a company that may very well be set to totally revolutionise the food manufacturing industry: come to the aid of the environment and improve our health. I met with the founder of Hampton Creek Foods, Josh Tetrick at his start-up company in the Soma district of San Francisco.
24/05/2013 09:39 BST

Hot Temezcal And Hands Of A Thousand Fingers - Oaxaca Travel

My desire was to experience some traditional pastimes of Oaxaca. Everyone likes massage, I've tried most. I've been needled, poked, pulled. Pummelled in Asia, scrubed to within an inch of my life in Morocco. Now I was ready for some Mexican action. Temazcal. A pre-Hispanic, type of sweat lodge.
10/05/2013 12:43 BST

How to Go Vegan - In Seven Easy Steps

After BSE and the horrors Jamie Oliver uncovered in children's so called 'happy meals', with formed meat sourced from all manner of parts of animals, not to mention the cost to health, surely now is the time to think about leaving our animal friends be?
16/01/2013 17:54 GMT

Movember Cometh! It's Shadowe'en

Since its Australian inception in 2004, the month of November has been sprouting up in increasing numbers all over the world. But what the hell is Movember? Here are the amazing facts of what I discovered. We're talking moustaches (or mustaches, depending on where you are in the world).
01/11/2012 16:59 GMT