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'Into It': 'Doctor Foster' Finale, Hefty Ticket Prices And Shock Reality Exits

This week's 'Into It' kicks off with a look back at the final dramatic episode of 'Doctor Foster', with the team looking ahead and deciding whether it left us hanging on for a third series, or ready to leave Parminster in the past. As Kendrick Lamar's tour sells out, they're also discussing whether our favourite stars are charging too much for us to see them in concert, and reflecting on the reality TV stars who were given the boot too early, following Chizzy Akudolu's emotional farewell to 'Strictly Come Dancing'.
06/10/2017 16:23 BST

It's A ‘Strictly Come Dancing' Special On This Week's ‘Into It'

With live shows now officially underway, this week it's a 'Strictly Come Dancing' special on 'Into It'. Now we've seen the 15 new contestants strutting their stuff for the first time, the team is discussing the biggest surprises of the bunch, and casting their minds forward to the rest of the series.
29/09/2017 16:18 BST

‘Into It': ‘Strictly' Controversy, Soap's Oldest Stars And Our Favourite Film Guilty Pleasures

The 'Into It' team is discussing the 'Strictly Come Dancing' issue that's had everyone talking this week, namely the lack of same-sex couples, and the unfair criticism Susan Calman has received over her decision to dance with male professional Kevin Clifton. With the 'Fifty Shades Freed' trailer having now debuted, they're also looking ahead to the final film in the BDSM-infused trilogy, and reflecting on some of their favourite film guilty pleasures.
15/09/2017 15:48 BST

'Into It': Taylor Swift's New Music Video, 'Lord Of The Flies' Female Remake And 'X Factor' 2017

As reports reveal a new female-led remake of 'Lord Of The Flies' is in the works, they're also discussing whether reboots like this are the way forward, and looking ahead to the new series of 'The X Factor', and what they're hoping to see (and, indeed, not to see) this time around. Plus, ahead of the new series, they're taking a look back on some of the show's most famous past contestants, and testing their knowledge of the acts' chart success.
01/09/2017 19:11 BST

‘Into It': ‘Strictly' Line-Up, Reality TV Turnarounds And Celebrity Feuds

With half of the 'Strictly Come Dancing' line-up having now been revealed, the 'Into It' team is looking ahead to this year's series and making some predictions about what's about to play it out on the dance floor. After a week of ups and downs for Sarah Harding on 'Celebrity Big Brother', they're also discussing what's next for her once she's left the house, as well as delving into some of the most highly-publicised celebrity feuds of all time.
18/08/2017 16:53 BST

'Into It': BBC Salaries, 'Love Island' Lessons And 'Doctor Who' Sexism

After what's been an exciting week in the world of entertainment news, the 'Into It' team is picking apart what has indubitably been the biggest story of the week, the publication of the BBC's top earners' salaries. They're also looking ahead to the impending 'Love Island' final, and discussing what lessons we've taken away from the past seven weeks of action in the villa.
21/07/2017 16:26 BST

‘Into It': ‘X Factor' Novelties, Kids' TV Future And Kesha's Stunning Comeback

The rumoured proposed changes to 'The X Factor' have got the 'Into It' team talking this week, specifically Simon Cowell's plans to rid the show of novelty acts. Plus, Kesha's triumphant return sparked a discussion about the most effective pop comebacks of recent years, with Rihanna getting the thumbs up from the group (which is more than can be said for Lady Gaga).
07/07/2017 16:49 BST

‘Into It': EastEnders' Future, Britney's Live Vocals And TV Guilty Pleasures

As former 'EastEnders' boss Sean O'Connor steps down from the show with immediate effect, this week the 'Into It' team is discussing what the soap needs to do to get itself back on track, after a particularly shaky 12 months. Britney Spears' latest comments about her vocals not getting enough credit, they debate whether or not it matters if a popstar sings live in their concerts, and share some of their TV guilty pleasures, following Channel 4's announcement they were announcing 'Host The Week' after just one episode.
30/06/2017 15:30 BST

‘Into It': ‘Love Island' Thrives, Katie Price Sings And Dating Shows Get Even More Bizarre

As 'Love Island' continues to trounce 'Big Brother' in the ratings battle, the 'Into It' team debates what's making the ITV2 show thrive, while 'BB' flounders. Then, as Katie Price's live vocals get a lukewarm response from 'Loose Women' fans, does she deserve such harsh criticism for a pop career she's said many times she's only trying for fun? And are we all getting a bit too precious when it comes to having our favourite TV shows spoiled?
23/06/2017 17:04 BST

‘Into It': Amanda Holden's Dress, ‘BGT' Kids And Noel Gallagher's Harry Styles Digs

The 'Into It' team is back after a week off, and this week they're chatting all things 'Britain's Got Talent'. There's some brief respite from 'BGT'-mania as they pick apart Noel Gallagher's recent comments about Harry Styles' solo career, before a brief stroll down memory lane as they recall some of the most weird and wonderful 'BGT' acts in ever in the week's quiz.
02/06/2017 17:05 BST