Jaan Tallinn

Skype Co-Founder, Investor and Entrepreneur

Jaan Tallinn (born 14 February 1972 in Tallinn is an Estonian programmer who participated in the development of Skype in 2002 and FastTrack/Kazaa, a file-sharing application in 2000.

Jaan Tallinn is partner and co-founder of the development company Bluemoon which created the game SkyRoads.He graduated from the University of Tartu in 1996 with a BSc in Theoretical Physics with a thesis that involved traveling interstellar distances using warps in space-time.

Tallinn is a former member of the Estonian President's Academic Advisory Board.He is also one of the founders of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, and the Future of Life Institute,and is co-founder of the personalized medical research company MetaMed.

Tallinn donated $364,000 to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute.

He strongly promotes the study of existential risk and has given numerous talks on this topic.His main worries are related to artificial intelligence, unknowns coming from technological development, and biological risk.In his opinion humanity is not spending enough resources on long-term planning and mitigating threats that could potentially wipe us out as a species.

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