Jack McSweeney

English Literature Graduate and member of 'Word on the Curb'

Hey, my name is Jack McSweeney, I’ve recently graduated in English Literature from Manchester University and I’ve returned to London, seeking a life in writing. Like most graduates, my life sits uncomfortably somewhere between total existential angst and excitement for a future unrealised, and I see my passion for writing, be it about sport, film, music, current affairs—anything I can lay my hands on really—as the platform to the latter half of this precipice. I have been writing for Milk and Honey Media ( for a while, and have most recently embarked upon writing for a burgeoning spoken word and poetry platform called Word On the Curb, with which we hope to stimulate and cultivate creative voices around contemporary issues. I like to keep myself (somewhat) busy with books, cinema, theatre and good company, yet it is ultimately writing that feeds my interests.