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‘Writing Without Waffle’ Speaker, Trainer, Copywriter & Author

I specialise in writing without waffle. Why? To help businesses improve their marketing communications. Why? So they can make more money.
Seven Ways to Get More Newsletter

Seven Ways to Get More Newsletter Subscribers

Although e-newsletters may be past their peak, they are still a great way of keeping in touch, reminding people you exist and are thinking of them, and getting clickthroughs to your website or blog.
24/07/2014 11:32 BST
Copywriting: What to Do When Things Go

Copywriting: What to Do When Things Go Wrong

Sometimes, things go wrong, even for the best of us. When you get a complaint, always be professional and resolve it if you can. If you can't, refund any payment made, and part on good terms. You never know how that will benefit you over time.
26/02/2013 15:48 GMT

"Hooray for Hashtags!"

I heard an ad for Money Supermarket on the radio the other day, whether the voiceover included the expression: "Hashtag epic". Yes, he actually spoke the word "hashtag".
30/08/2012 15:27 BST
Olympic Opening Ceremony: Minute-By-Minute

Olympic Opening Ceremony: Minute-By-Minute Reaction

I'm particularly looking out for my friend - apparently, she's wearing a long dress and a curly wig and appears in the centre ring in the first section. For me, that will be the most exciting bit of the whole Games! They're all volunteers, you know, and have been rehearsing for weeks.
27/07/2012 22:53 BST
Social Media: Visual is the New

Social Media: Visual is the New Verbal

As a professional wordsmith, I'm used to being paid for my work. As a blogger and guest blogger, I've had to become used to writing for free, in return for the inbound links and profile-raising. Maybe image-producers will have to let go of their copyright too.
02/07/2012 10:46 BST