Jacqui Stevenson

HIV and gender researcher and advocate

Jacqui Stevenson is a gender and human rights expert and researcher with interest in feminist, participatory and creative research, who works to strengthen the meaningful engagement of women in all of their diversity in decision making that affects their lives, and to advance SRHR and HIV integration. Jacqui has worked in research, advocacy and community engagement in the HIV sector since 2009. She works as Lead: Research and Analysis for the ATHENA Network, an international organisation promoting gender equity in the global HIV response. She is also a PhD candidate at the University of Greenwich. Her thesis explores the health and social cares needs of older women living with HIV in London, using feminist and assets-based approaches and participatory methods. Jacqui is a Trustee of the Sophia Forum, a UK organisation promoting the rights of women living with HIV, and of STOPAIDS, the UK coalition of organisations working on HIV.

Stop HIV Cuts: Campaign to Retain Vital Services

In David Cameron's back yard, Oxfordshire County Council has cut Terrence Higgins Trust's £50,000 funding, which is forcing the closure of its local centre. The reality is that there are will be no HIV Prevention and Support service in the whole county after April 2016, with almost 500 people left with no alternative support service.
12/04/2016 13:43 BST

NHS England Decision on PrEP: A Bitter Pill for Women to Swallow

What role should preventative medicine play in our health system? As the NHS is fragmented and funding for healthcare is cut, are we prioritising funding for treatment, over prevention? Or, is effective, and cost-effective prevention still worth prioritising?
07/04/2016 10:59 BST

All the Things We Could Do, If We Had a Little Money: The Costs of Funding Women's Rights Work (Part Three of Three)

Funders and other actors must recognise that women's rights and feminist organisations are essential partners in achieving gender equality, and act to repair the disconnect between focus on women and girls, and funding for the organisations that can make change on women's rights. There is huge potential for transformative change, if only the funds are there to make it happen.
09/06/2015 16:09 BST

HIV and Gender-based Violence: What are the Costs of Inaction?

Too often, the great promise of campaigns and programmes is lost or undermined when the funding ends and the funders move on, looking for the next innovation. Or a new issue comes along and takes the headlines, and with it donor attention and dollars.
10/02/2015 11:24 GMT