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Jaimie Fuller

Executive Chairman, SKINS Group of companies

Jaimie Fuller is Executive Chairman of SKINS and spends most of time campaigning on ethical sports issues and commenting on sports governance issues. He is committed to ‘Fuelling the True Spirit of Competition’ in sport. #RiseUp

Changing The Rules On Gender Verification In World Sport

Bravo to Kristen for her 13-year unstinting advocacy for this outcome. It involves complex issues that bring together international and national sports, science, gender and human rights. Congratulations also to her legal team, led by Brenda Cuthbert.
28/07/2017 13:02 BST

Still A Long Way To Go For Women In Sport

One of the big issues we'll be focusing on in sport this year is around issues of equity and women's sport. It may be something that's been around for a while but we still have a way to go to get it right.
31/01/2017 12:26 GMT