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Jaki Jelley

Lifestyle and Family blogger. Winging Mummahood since 2012.

Lifestyle and Family blogger. Thirtysomething Mumma to one, winging Motherhood since 2012. Lover or the written word and telling it like it is. Find more of me at or over on Twitter, I'm there pretty frequently!
When Mummy Feels Not

When Mummy Feels Not Needed

I know that this isn't the case at all. Of course, I'm needed. It's just really weird you know?! When your whole weekends are usually arranged around certain things and then all of a sudden it's changed and it's different.
11/10/2017 12:59 BST
When Your Baby Is No Longer Your

When Your Baby Is No Longer Your Baby

He is ready for this next step. Beyond ready. We haven't had an easy time of it lately. His behaviour has been challenging to say the least and while I know that this is perfectly natural, it has made me doubt myself on many an occasion. He needs school. He needs the stimulation that learning and socialising will bring him. He is ready. So ready. I'm just not sure I am.
27/07/2017 16:29 BST
Am I Less Of A Mum As A Mum To Just

Am I Less Of A Mum As A Mum To Just One?

I won't have done everything twice, or three times over. I won't have more than one experience of pregnancy, labour, childbirth - everything that entails bringing a small human into the world. Sometimes, having one child I am made to feel like I have it easy when I have heard comments such as 'Well, at least you only have one!" Does that make it easier? Really?
02/05/2017 14:42 BST
Living With Someone Who Has

Living With Someone Who Has Depression

Living with someone who suffers from depression is hard. Really hard. Yet personally I feel like it's not discussed as openly as depression itself. No we are not the ones directly suffering but depression doesn't come with an instruction booklet.
10/02/2017 16:51 GMT
Why Parenting Changes Your

Why Parenting Changes Your Life

I was never the maternal type. Growing up I was always the youngest and I never really had much to do with children younger than me and had never really given parenting in my future a second thought.
27/01/2017 14:54 GMT
The Baby

The Baby Pressure

I wish more people thought more before throwing the baby question around. If the person you are talking to wants to discuss their family plans with you, I am pretty certain they will likely bring it up first.
12/01/2017 13:58 GMT
My Child Broke

My Child Broke Me

I did plan on writing today but it wasn't going to be this post. This one has come completely out of the blue. Totally unplanned. They say it's best to write when you feel the emotion so here I am. Because not only am I emotional, I'm broken. It's not yet 2pm on a Saturday afternoon and my child has broken me. Well and truly broken me
10/11/2016 16:10 GMT
Coping With Tears At Nursery Drop

Coping With Tears At Nursery Drop Off

Needless to say, Tuesday and Thursday mornings are fast becoming my least favourite times of the week. I wake up anxious and I know that in turn, that probably makes him anxious, but I'm not a robot and I can't switch off my emotions. It's something we will just have to get through together.
04/11/2016 13:36 GMT
What Is

What Is Marriage?

When you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you don't necessarily expect it to be a walk in the park. Living with someone can be intense. We are all individuals and we will all have things about us that can grate on the other. That is human nature. It's how you handle it that matters.
02/11/2016 15:40 GMT
Who Should Discipline Your

Who Should Discipline Your Child?

I'm talking about every day. When you are with your child. Whether you're out and about. In a soft play area. A playground. A restaurant. A friend's house. Do the people you are with, or around, have the right to speak to them in a way, that should be reserved for the parent?
31/10/2016 12:52 GMT