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James Dobson

Senior researcher, Bright Blue

James Dobson is a Senior Researcher at Bright Blue. His interests lie in higher education, schools, immigration and social capital. He has previously published a report that examined cohesion and migration in the UK with the Adam Smith Institute. The report appeared in City AM, the Yorkshire Post and ConservativeHome. He also published an opinion piece on this subject for ConservativeHome. James is a graduate of the University of Bath where he studied for a BSc in the Social Sciences. James also holds an interest in International Development and volunteers with the charity Evidence for Development where he assists with the production of high-quality research.
Tackling Racial Disparities Through Name-Blind

Tackling Racial Disparities Through Name-Blind Recruitment

Now that the Prime Minister has rightly highlighted the racial disparities that occur in our public services, she must begin to offer solutions to the problems she has identified. Name-blind recruitment is an effective way of making the public sector workforce more representative and meritocratic.
25/10/2017 17:17 BST
Theresa May Must Commit To The

Theresa May Must Commit To The ECHR

Of course, there are some uncomfortable examples. Most would have preferred Abu Hamza to have been deported more expediently than was the case. But human rights legislation is always forced to balance competing rights. This can lead to unpopular decisions but such decisions are symptomatic of a healthy and independent judiciary.
06/04/2017 16:41 BST