James Gilmore

Young creative behind W!ZARD Radio Media, member of the UK Press since the age of 12

James Gilmore launched the W!ZARD Radio Media brand in 2010, at the age of 12. Originally just a two hour weekly online radio show, James has grown this into an international media brand.

As the Managing Director of W!ZARD Radio Media, James has lead it’s growth in programming and listenership, to the stage where it is now one of the primary leading online radio station’s for teenagers, as well as it’s expansion into live events production, it’s record label, production studio, news agency, charity and sales departments.

With 7 different areas of the company to operate, James can usually be seen sat at his computer for at least 25 hours a day.

James has worked with many major brands in a variety of industries, building partnerships and business relationships. Major record labels, film studios, TV channels, technology firms, book publishers, festival organisers, etc… all call his name when wanting to target the teen market.

As part of W!ZARD Radio Media, James has hosted the flagship Friday afternoon radio show where he has interviewed the likes of Tom Hardy, Kevin Hart, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Elizabeth Banks, Charlize Theron, Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson, Daniel Radcliffe and many more. His interviews span all industries – including renowned doctors, dancers, major label musicians, activists and more.

As part of the W!ZARD Radio Media brand, James also manages various high profile artists internationally, providing their UK representation and territorial management for W!ZARD Records, produces (and Executive Produces) partnered content as part of W!ZARD Studios and books talent for events in venues all the way from small bookshops and clubs to major arenas.

He’s also still studying for his A-levels.

When James isn’t working, you may often see him running to a meeting or complaining about why he’s still in full time education.