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James Gullis

James is a Social and Political Sciences student, interested in social mobility, cultural developments and the political climate.

Social and Political Sciences Student

'Snowflake Students' Need Reason And Debate, Not Wristbands

Over protection and excessive safeguarding of the 'smartphone generation', has led to a hypersensitive, 'politically correct' society . The only way to diversify the views and opinions available is by encouraging debate, discussion and reason both in society and on campus.
21/09/2017 12:42 BST

Surviving Student Halls

To make the most of your time in halls, remember that not everyone will agree with you, will share your values or will have a similar lifestyle. Be open, be accepting and most of all be considerate. Student halls are a once in a lifetime experience, so take time to enjoy it!
06/09/2017 12:20 BST