Jamie Last

Freelance journalist and blogger at ManAndBuggy.Com

Jamie Last is a recovering stay-at-home dad. As a father of twins who are in their first year of school, he is stumbling through life and parenting just like everybody else. He's no superdad! But where he does excel is in his enjoyment at writing about it all. Follow his pitfalls and pleasures at Man&Buggy.Com

How Having Kids Can Kill the Romance

Picture the scene. It's a stunning afternoon on the Italian island of Capri. An elegant young couple are sipping prosecco on a stylish hotel's rooftop terrace overlooking a beautiful harbour. There's romance in the air.
12/02/2016 10:44 GMT

How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight With Kids This Christmas

It is Friday lunchtime, and my family have joined the throng of holidaymakers piling onto an aeroplane preparing to leave London for Bangkok. We're laden with backpacks, pillows, teddy bears and tantrums as we battle our way back towards row 37.
11/12/2015 12:10 GMT

Why Becoming a Stay-At-Home Dad Was a No-Brainer

Traditionally, it has been the mother who has given up a career to look after a child. But times are changing. As a consequence of more and more women having babies later in their lives, women are spending more time forging established careers, just like men have always done. At least that's what I'm experiencing in my neck of the woods.
26/11/2015 19:40 GMT