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Scott Saunders

Writer, Editor & Academy Manager @ 90min

Writer, Editor & Academy Manager @ 90min

Why Mesut Ozil Has Little Choice But to Sign New Arsenal Contract

If it becomes clear to Arsenal that Ozil isn't able to find another club of the level he wants and offering the terms he wants, they would be perfectly within their right to drop their offer and save themselves a huge and unnecessary expense. The player is gambling with his future the longer the saga continues, and that is why the sooner Ozil signs a new deal, the better for him.
16/11/2017 12:38 GMT

Is Ex-Juventus Star Sebastian Giovinco Too Good To Play In MLS?

The fact that he is playing so well and is having such a positive impact, suggests it doesn't really matter if he is too good because he's making an actual contribution, winning trophies and essentially turning himself into a legend at one of the most passionate clubs there is. Why risk all of that for a gamble elsewhere where he could easily be forgotten?
18/10/2017 12:34 BST

Christian Benteke's Non-Celebration Against Liverpool Is Proof Respect In Football Has Gone Too Far

Benteke spent one unsuccessful season as a Liverpool player, was widely branded a flop, while the majority of fans were relieved when he was quickly sold on at only a minimal loss and were largely happy to see the back of him. Benteke owes Liverpool absolutely nothing, but it is increasingly ingrained in most modern players that celebrating against a club you used to play for is the ultimate taboo. And it's just plain stupid.
27/04/2017 17:36 BST

Arsenal Need To Break The Bank To Keep Alexis Sanchez But It's Time For Mesut Ozil To Go

The Gunners must make Ozil available for transfer this summer and accept the highest bid because they could easily find an equally talented replacement, more than just an individual who only performs when the pressure is off, one with an attitude more like Sanchez. Mesut Ozil has had his day in an Arsenal shirt, ultimately underwhelming, but the club cannot afford not to build the future around Alexis Sanchez.
21/02/2017 17:21 GMT

Greedy Traitor Or Homesick Lost Soul? The Dimitri Payet Saga Is All About Perception

Payet has been thoroughly slated by the British media, derided as a snake and a traitor by Hammers fans left feeling betrayed - Bilic himself used words such as 'angry' and 'let down' - and has seen his professional reputation altogether sullied by the whole unsavoury affair. But let's pause for a moment and take the time to actually consider if the player really is the awful monster he has been so eagerly portrayed as.
08/02/2017 17:16 GMT

How Buy-Back Clauses Are Fast Becoming The New Loans In The Transfer Market

For Manchester United and Memphis Depay, a permanent sale with a buy-back clause is the best scenario both parties could have wished for, while even Lyon have more control this way. The player has a fresh start somewhere new, and the club don't have to completely give up on a clearly talented individual that may still come good in time. All in all, buy-back clauses are only going to become more and more common.
25/01/2017 17:37 GMT